Celebrations programme, PDF

Celebrations programme, PDF

You want to have fun New Trinity Festival 2024? he program Subordinate Concerts It has become truly public, with activities targeting all audiences. Popular snacks and dinners, plays, ConcertsVera DAttractions And many other proposals to enjoy in this neighborhood of Nou Barris.

Here’s a guide so you don’t miss anything New Trinity Festival 2024with the festival program and Dates And the timetable Of activities.

New Trinity Festival 2024: Dates

New Trinity celebrations for 2024 will be held on Monday, June 3 to Sunday, June 9.

Where will the New Trinity celebrations be held?

Activities will be organized in different streets and squares in the Trinitate Nova area.

New Trinity 2024 celebrations programme

Help yourself Activities Key events of the main festival, below: The complete program is in PDF format. the Fairgrounds attractions will extend from From June 6 to 11.

  • 19 hours: Performance of Entrecuerdas, guitar ensemble from Casal de Barri Trinitat Nova. Carrer de la Pedrosa, 16.
  • 18-20 hours: Performance of “Different Work” by Teatro del Casale. Carrer de Garbi, 3.
  • 21 hours: Outdoor cinema. Carrer de Villa-Real, 7-9.
  • 16.30-18.30 H: Games and storytelling space. Carrer de Palamos, 70.
  • 17 hours: La Fosca Youth Party. Carrer de la Pedrosa, 16.
  • 21 hours: Sardines Metro Square
  • 21.30 h:Textitxo band. Metro Square
  • 01 hours: DJ Lanren. Metro Square
  • 9-14 hours: Social Petanque Championship. Petanque courts
  • 10 hours: Trenibull Friendship Square
  • 12 hours: Human Chain – We unite the metro and bring neighborhoods closer together! Casa de Legua (Carrere de Garbi, 2).
  • 21 hours: Dinner in a suit. Carrer de les chafarinas.
  • 21.45 hours:Musical bingo. Carrer de les chafarinas.
  • 23 hours: Musical performances: Strapeloband and Improviciados. Carrer de les chafarinas.
  • 01 hours com.flamekawers carrere de les chafarinas.
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  • 19 hours: Pero di Paterna (Sivellana, dances…). Carrer de les chafarinas.
  • 21 hours: Hotline for children. Carrer de les chafarinas.
  • 21.30 h: Hotline for adults. Carrer de les chafarinas.
  • 22.30 hours: Fireworks, end of party. Carrer de les chafarinas.

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