Drowned destroyed and in chaos, storms and invasion…

Drowned destroyed and in chaos, storms and invasion…

In Honduras, the bad weather continues, and this time it creates big problems for the castaways of the famous island, who suffer from the rain as well as the invasion of crabs that happened last night. Outcasts are tired.

To Honduras for the outcasts of reality TV yes ilary plassi Life is so hard, especially now that it rains and even infested crabs are on the way! Hunger is already exhausted, the untouchables can’t take it anymore!

like him two thousanda special correspondent from Honduras, posted a new video on Instagram showing the state of the past few hours:

Bad weather today, it’s raining, don’t stop. Busy Day Even for outcasts, tough days are to be expected. Keep you informed, we understand what the weather is like.

The castaways were required to wear rain jackets to protect themselves from the storm and strong winds, but the real problem was taking the risk of putting out the flames. Worried, for the past few hours the group has been busy building a shelter and securing the fires without which they can’t survive!

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Famous Island: Are the Untouchables Destructive and Even Angry?

07.30 l & # 8217;  Famous island: shipwrecked, destroyed, in chaos, storms, invasion & # 8230;Meanwhile, the rival brother was kicked out Silvano Michetti send me Mediaset press release:

With regard to the news that has appeared in the media – Ivano Michetti wrote in a note – about the expulsion of my brother, Silvano Michetti, from the island of The Views Forment upon confirmation upon his arrival on the island, identified in the statement from Mediaset as “blasphemy”, I intend to specify the following : The voice in which my brother utters the offensive words is very clear: You hear “Holy God.” The expression cannot be considered blasphemy against God or religion, nor blasphemy.

Then he added:

So the legal prerequisite for my brother being kicked out of the formula is missing. Not being able, at this moment, to take direct initiatives to protect him, I, in my personal capacity, and as the leader of its Cousins ​​group, sent a warning to Canale 5 and to the broadcast directors, calling on them to desist from stated initiatives towards him and to maintain him in his role as broadcast participant. I have already appointed an important law firm to protect the interests and image of my brother and the Cugini di Campagna group in all the offices.

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