Hunkar must tell his secret to Demir!

Hunkar must tell his secret to Demir!

Streaming previews of the Terra Amara episode broadcast on Wednesday 5 April 2023 on Canale 5 reveal that Hunkar, trapped, is forced to spill the beans…

thanks for the progress from Channel 5 Turkish seriesAnd time earthwe find that, in bet broadcast on April 5thin 14.10And Demir knew that Lands sold by Hunker to Fikili She was Then buy it from her for the same price. malaise Hunker He appears She is forced to tell her son about her previous affair with the guy. Also, after talking to his mother and Zuleiha, Aleman decides he will not pursue the idea of ​​selling the land family to obtain the necessary funds to raise useful capital to support the joint venture of the plant …

Previews of Tira Amara: Yilmaz and Fakili are in disagreement!

Yilmaz and Fikili are, unbelievably, at odds… because of a fiancee. The latter, to drive a wedge between the godson and the godfather, She decided to tell Akaya thatwithout his knowledge, Fikili agreed to buy and sell the land with Hanker. Evidently, the man’s intention was to lend a hand to the lady who was strapped for cash. when he found out, The former mechanic went on a rampage: How can Fikili Henker help the person who ruined his life? Therefore, he feels betrayed by his beloved father, Yilmaz decided to pack and Moving with his wife to the house he bought from Sermin.

Terra Amara Advances: Demir asks Hanker for an explanation!

Now it is Demir that About to realize this burning truth. Once he finds out about the sale order that Fkeli and Honkar had secretly agreed to, the businessman corners the mother, demanding an explanation. Yemenactually, You don’t understand why the man would agree to sell the land to the woman at the same price Why did he buy it before…

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Demir’s radical decision, in the progress of Terra Amara on April 5, 2023

Henker feels obligated to tell her son the whole truth about her and Fakili. Mrs. Ledemir explains that the ex-convict wanted to help her sell the land in the name of the feeling they once had. Therefore, Hunkar, He confesses to the heir that in the past he had a love affair with Fekili…unleash the evil’s fury Yemen. The latter, after speaking with his mother and having a discussion with Zuleiha as well, He makes an important decision: He will not go through with the idea of ​​selling the family’s landAlthough knowing that money would have come in handy to obtain the funds to raise capital and thus to support the factory joint venture.

Let’s find out all the files Terra Amara Weekly Previews April 3-9, 2023.

time earth broadcast on Canal 5 Monday to Saturday 2.10pm.

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