This bike is gigantic, but it’s yours for less than €5,000: a surprise offer

This bike is gigantic, but it’s yours for less than €5,000: a surprise offer

Did you know her? This motorcycle is a true two-wheeled giant, but for less than €5,000 it can be yours. The show is a real surprise, but it will end soon: here’s everything revealed.

Who says this is not a good time to buy a motorcycle? Unlike what happens in the automotive sector. Both wheels continue to be strong In our country. Not only in the new and in the arrivals at the agency, but also and above all in the trading and deals that can be carried out in the used. A business that can give you real giants in the field of motorcycles in your garage.

Less than 5 thousand euros for a similar giant, what an offer –

This is the situation Honda Transalp“Name” and “title” do not need much introduction. One of the most popular enduro road cars of the modern era is the Tokyo crossover, which almost became an icon of “utility” motorcycles between the 1990s and 2000s. In Italy, in particular, It had unparalleled success. Even today it is one of the most popular motorcycles on our roads. For this reason, it is not surprising to see it still dominating the market, although it is surprising the price at which it can be found in excellent condition.

Honda Transalp on offer, the announcement is a real surprise: it’s yours for less than 5 thousand euros

It’s possible to find deals across the web that you can take advantage of quickly, as in this example Honda Transalp XL 700V, is for sale in Italy in L’Aquila through “”. Registered in June 2010, this model is still in excellent condition. From the available pictures, it appears that there are no defects or traces of accidents that occurred with the vehicle. Even mechanically, as stated in the advertisement, there should be no problems at all. Indeed, the advertisement reaffirms that the bike is in excellent condition and that it has an engine capable of exceeding 200,000 kilometers with ease.

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Used Honda Transalp 700 for sale at a really great price (Source:

However, he actually has 58k on his back, although that would be hard to tell. Included in the price 4000 eurosThe three travel bags are also included complete with mounting frame, additional LED spotlights and much more. It’s a real bargain, if you consider the superior ductility, extreme longevity and historical reliability of these compounds. And you, will you benefit from it? If you’re looking for a motorcycle that can do it all and do it well, this could be the bike for you.

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