Abdominal surgery, how are you? Admitted to San Rafael, Milan

Abdominal surgery, how are you?  Admitted to San Rafael, Milan

It was a very special first birthday for Vittoria Lucia Ferragni. Pope videos He is actually in the hospital due to surgery for an ailment that the singer has decided not to disclose at the moment. It is known, as it appeared in the past hours, that the artist was as well Abdominal surgery and she is now in the solvent department of San Raffaele in Milanas mentioned before Republic. Meanwhile, a wave of affection flooded him across social media: “We are all with you“, he wrote Mara Venere.

While that Orita Berti Always on Instagram, he takes the opportunity to wish a little victory but extend his thoughts to the whole family videos And the Chiara Ferragni: “Best wishes for little Vitoria and lots of strength. A hug for four. with my loveAffection not only comes from the world of entertainment, but also from the many fans the couple are so proud of and who can count on their love now. (adjective by Silvana Palazzo)

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Videz operation has been performed. The singer had announced in recent days on Instagram that her diagnosis was fortunately “trapped in time”, and this morning the newspaper “Libero” published on its front page, indiscretion about yesterday’s surgery. A few minutes ago the confirmation came on Instagram, where Chiara Ferragni He wished his daughter Vitoria: “Happy first birthday to our Vittoria. We took these pictures on Sunday, a few days ago, because we knew Dad would be in the hospital today (but he’s coming home soon). We love you madly, sweet potato..
From these few lines it is clear how Fedez underwent surgery and the next few days will be key to determining his exact clinical picture. According to the newspaper “Il Messaggero”, Singer, TV host and influencer Still awaiting some exam results that will be crucial in determining the course of care e “In the ward of Olgatina Via, to accompany Fidez and help him cope with the disease, there is also his wife”.

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“FEDEZ OPERATO”: description of “LIBERO”

videosIn the fight against a disease that the rapper did not define better, he was to undergo surgery at the San Raffaele Hospital in Milan. This is the folly that emerges today, Wednesday, March 23, 2022, on the front page of the newspaper “Libero”, through which the type or result of the surgery that the singer underwent was not known. In the previous days, in fact, it was a husband Chiara Ferragni Maintain the utmost confidentiality about the diagnosed pathology: “I am not honest enough to move on, but I am ready to take on this new adventure that life has given me.”Advertise on social media.

Just two days ago, Fedez announced that “tomorrow (yesterday, editor) It’s going to be an important day“, addition: I wanted to thank all the people who wrote to me These days send a lot of positivity. Thank you to my wife who has always been by my side day and night, thanks to my family and friends who did everything to lift my spirits. Thanks to our two stars who succeeded in making magic without realizing it: give me the strength to face all this”.

How does Fides feel? She works in San Rafael, Milan

So there are no further details about the health conditions of Videz, who could have undergone surgery in Milan in the past 24 hours, according to “Libero”, in whose columns there are also some hypotheses about the disease that afflicted him.Composer of many musical works. Seeing his tears, many, starting with fans, assumed that it could be a tumor: the hope is clearly something less serious, but in any case, these words said by the rapper himself bode well (Fortunately it was discovered in time.).

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However, it can also be a related health issue Demyelination At the brain level, a small brain lesion was found in Videz three years ago, during an MRI. As “Libero” wrote, “The damage to the sheath is what protects the nerve fibers of the brain. If the sheath repairs itself, the problem is solved; otherwise the nerve fibers are damaged, in this case permanent. This is why, according to some, demyelination in the brain can lead to Multiple Sclerosis “.

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