Zerocalcare series, a mixture of cliches and sinister respectability

Zerocalcare series, a mixture of cliches and sinister respectability

Zero limestone

series Zero limestone She is very nice and pleasant, but unfortunately she also talks about political issues but does so in a very sketchy way, A juice of moral, ethical and respect clichés Sometimes swaying slightly to kiss Ztl’s left slipper, he hides behind the figure of the tough and pure wild villager.

If it is a cover fileshe expressed Declared by Italy’s most influential thinker, we remember how Moravia, Pasolini, and Ciccia not only spoke with their grace. Zero limestoneinstead of, He addresses only those who think like him On the contrary, he is afraid of quarrels with those who point out to him his contradictions. He carefully avoids it (at most allowing Zoro to entertain himself).
Are we sure that the main theme in Rebibbia is the inclusion of immigrants? And is it not youth unemployment, drugs (San Basilio, the largest drug-trafficking square in Lazio 2 km away), inflation, minimum pensioners, public health, etc.?

Are we sure that on the day an asylum-seeker massacred four children in France, reasons for fear of the Muslim immigrant were expressed? (Engraved: in his series There are 30 asylum seekers, and whoever doesn’t want them is a bad Nazi).
Are we sure a talent like yours doesn’t risk being manipulated and becoming a ventriloquist regarding Pd-Schlein’s new demands? Will we find him on the electoral list soon? What do left-wing reformists think?

From Andrea Palazzo’s Facebook post, June 9, 2023

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