Emma Battaglia, a very sad day for everyone: “Rest in peace”

Emma Battaglia, a very sad day for everyone: “Rest in peace”
Emma Battaglia (photo by Mediaset Infinity) – metropolinotizie.it

Emma Battaglia: Shocking news, the Italian people are sad and terrified after what happened, the drama is public.

Italian activist and politician whatever battle In the event that shocked Italy in recent days. Let’s talk about femicide Julia They put by his partner Alexander Impagnatello.

“I can’t be silent,” Emma says in a video posted on her personal page on the Internet.Instagram. Battaglia has always fought for the rights of marginalized groups, in particular for LGBT+ community of which it is a part.

The activist is also known for her relationship with eva grimaldi, culminated in one Civil union administered by politics Monica Serena In May 2019, and for his election to the presidency Department of homosexual culture “Mario Meli”. Battaglia followed him and was the face of major events such as gay pride, which she was the arranger for her first in Italy with Vladimir Luxuria.

“I can’t help but be angry.”Battaglia admits with a rough face in front of the lens, and also mentions that Giulia Tramontano, her partner’s victim, was seven months pregnant.

Fighting violence against women

“This cowardly, greedy, violent man.”Thus, Emma identifies Alessandro Impagatello, who is responsible for the death of Giulia Tramontano. “but How can you how to killHow can destroy a young life […] Because you live a double life.”

Battle talking about Double life for the killer, who had an affair with another woman while he was with Julia, and this may have been one of the reasons that prompted him to kill her. It goes without saying that there are no good reasons to kill a person. “But you may rot In prison,” Emma wishes to the murderer, “killing Of regrets, of ghosts that can accompany you all your life.

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Emma Patel
Emma Battaglia (photo by Mediaset Infinity) – metropolinotizie.it

“May Julia and her creature be angels.”

After giving her opinion of Impagnatiello, Emma sends a wish to the victim “May Julia and her creature be angels, to protect the lives of all women who, unfortunately, are still victims of femicide”. Emma stares into the camera, perhaps feeling compelled to make a statement as a public figure, which is fine if appreciated despite her seemingly affected and stressed tone.

“Rest in peace Julia”: Thus concludes the eruption of Battaglia. He repeated it in the caption, “I’m devastated… rest in peace,” he wrote, inserting a little heart emoji.

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