“Caladeta”, the b-side of the summer of the rich on the Costa Brava

“Caladeta”, the b-side of the summer of the rich on the Costa Brava

“Caladeta”, the b-side of the summer of the rich on the Costa BravaAlbert Masferrer/Potenza Productions

director Miguel Vos He confirms in his film calmThe film, which will arrive in cinemas on Friday, tried to explain how wealthy families want their domestic workers to be “as invisible, discreet and quiet as possible.”

After Faus premiered the short film at the Malaga Festival calm (2020), the director’s master’s degree project at London Film School, it seemed necessary to lengthen Anna’s story, and the result was the world’s first financially funded film. NFTs (non-fungible token), a movie shot in one movie castle from’Emporda.

Thus the feature film was born calm (2023), a “satirical” portrait of bourgeois elites “That’s how he is”hypocrisy», according to Voss (Barcelona, ​​1992), Championship Paola Grimaldo I Ariadna Gil Which won awards such as the Andrews/Bernard Award at Sundance, awarded by Steven Soderbergh.

The film’s title foretells the main element of the plot: how the family wants their wise housekeeper to take care of their beach house without bothering them, as if they only want to feel present when you tell them it’s helpful.

Picture from the movie “Quiet”.

“For me, the concept of ‘quiet’ was very important because rich families want their employees to be as invisible, discreet and quiet as possible,” the director says, adding that he also wanted to portray “this idea that Anna has.” To bear stoically and work hard without saying a peep.”

All this leads Anna, the novel’s heroine, played by Paula Grimaldo, to…Stop this talk», to accumulate in his subconscious mind everything that he could not answer, which was also very important for Voss.

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He claims that through the film he intended to “show Anna’s journey as she better understands how the rules of this house and the world she operates in work and how she discovers her own ways to be able to enjoy the summer despite being a mess.” “The Labor Condition of Nearly Contemporary Slavery.”

To show all these nuances, Faus also uses artistic elements such as color or photography, which allows him to place the event at the height of summer, which is important for the “sensuality of the season” as the most difficult period of work in the house. Workers.

Outside of the footage, the most up-to-date element of Faus’ feature film is the form of financing, as it was obtained from an NFT sale: the director created a digital art collage of frames from the original short film and sold them on the blockchain in exchange for donations to finance the film, thus raising more than 700 thousand euros. From over 600 sponsors in over 60 countries.

Another major financial boost came when American director Steven Soderbergh awarded Kaladita the post-production award at the Sundance Film Festival, allowing Fosse and his team to count on another $100,000 to finish the film.

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