CaixaBank analyzes the economic prospects in Girona

CaixaBank analyzes the economic prospects in Girona

CaixaBank analyzes the economic prospects in GironaCaixa Bank

The Department of Foreign Trade and Treasury of CaixaBank Companies organized a lecture on Wednesday under the title “Economic Prospects and the Foreign Exchange Market”. He attended the day held at the Girona Chamber of Commerce More than 50 clients From the provinces of Girona.

The day was opened by Josep M. González, Regional Director of CaixaBank in Catalonia. Next, Ricard Murillo, an economist at CaixaBank Research, gave a presentation on the outlook for the international economy, which he says highlights 2024 is off to a better start than expected in the Eurozone, especially in its periphery, and how the weakness of industry explains these worse numbers in the core of the eurozone. Murillo acknowledged the current complex situation as a result of uncertainty due to geopolitical risks, and in Spain he asserts that “GDP growth during the first quarter is surprising, due to public consumption and exports of services.”

Next, Josep M. Giffernau, Executive Director of Foreign Exchange Market at CaixaBank, analyzed the foreign exchange market. During his presentation, he stressed that the dollar “is still very strong,” with its continuous rise since 2008.

In addition, he stated that “monetary policy has reached an unusually restrictive point, as a result of the inflationary consequences of Covid-19 and the war in Ukraine which have raised our estimates of interest rates around the world beyond the peak reached in 2007.” n

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