“Technological advances have only provided us with more efficient means of going backwards.”

“Technological advances have only provided us with more efficient means of going backwards.”

(Quote from Aldous Huxley)

Technology like never before

Everyone is convinced that technology has provided many advantages in different areas of our lives. However, all that glitters is not gold: technological progress has also brought negative effects.

The most relevant example is the use of mobile phones. Everyone is addicted to it all day long, whether for work or leisure. It is enough to look around us, even on the street, to notice that everyone does not take their eyes off that small screen. As a result, face-to-face communication is lost. Instead of looking into each other’s eyes and making physical contact, we love each other more to write messages and record our voices in WhatsApp audio. Not to mention social networks that force us to lock ourselves in a room and frequent only the virtual space. What’s more, this world often hides dangers that we ignore without realizing it. Let’s think about the scams we can encounter when accepting a friend request and falling into the trap of a malicious person.

All the mobile devices and internet connectivity from anywhere have allowed us to lock ourselves together. In other words, although we seem connected to the whole world, in reality we are isolated. Not only do we not have proper social relationships, but this behavior also harms our health: our eyes end up getting tired and we forget to exercise. We’d rather keep chatting than go out and get some air. So our brain stops being oxygenated and we become automatic users.

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Finally, are we sure that technology brings us nothing but benefits? If we look carefully, we must be aware of the shortcomings of ultra-modern media so as not to self-destruct our existence.

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