Brazzale returns to Sigep with two new products born from the marriage of nature and science – Newsfood – Nutrimento e Nutrimente

Brazzale returns to Sigep with two new products born from the marriage of nature and science – Newsfood – Nutrimento e Nutrimente

Butter Aroma Natural Brazzale It is the novelty of the world of pastry and bakery offered by Brazzal in Sigep in Rimini (January 21-25, 2023 – Pad B5 Stand 029). After the success of last year, with the debut at the exhibition of the company’s branch dedicated to bakeries and pastries, Brazzale returns to Sigep with an innovation that goes directly into the heart of the daily activity of pastry chefs and bakers, in their time, of effort, of their will to impress and create a new and perfect work of art every day. food preparation Butter Aroma Natural Brazzale It’s the marriage of farm milk butter from the Panna Brazzale supply chain and the best natural flavors specially created, between the naturalness of the core producers and the ultra-high technology of the Brazzale Science Nutrition & Food Research Center (Bsc), a research and innovation center run by two undisputed authorities in food science and technology. : Prof. Fernando Tatio and Prof. Monica Bononi of the University of Milan. Butter Aroma Natural Brazzale It is a product but also a technology, which marks the company’s debut in the world of professional food preparation and marks the beginning of an innovative path that brings together bachelors and professionals from the world of pastry and baking.

What is Brazil Natural BurroAroma

Brazil Natural BurroAroma is a new product category, which is a food preparation that contains Butter from farm milk from Panna Brazzale Supply Chain, the fruits of our cream selected and blended for optimum properties, natural flavors created by BSC Exclusive to this product. Its goal is as simple to explain as it is crucial: to allow professionals to add completely natural flavors to doughs intended for cooking, and to easily solve one of the biggest problems, that of preserving flavor in the final product. In fact, incorporating scents into the dough is a real job that requires time and effort, often without guaranteeing the desired results and forcing an overdose of the scents themselves. Thanks to the undergraduate research, Butter Aroma Natural Brazzale It performs this task for the professional in the best possible way, and also provides him with the possibility to innovate and create new products with infinite nutritional qualities and with a natural aroma because they are derived only from extraction processes of physical origin.

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This food It helps the diligence of the pastry chefhe explains Fernando TatioUndergraduate Center Director. “But not only that. What we offer is a technology resulting from a production chain with guarantees higher than those commonly adopted. Incorporating aroma uniformly into butter is not a simple matter from a technological point of view, but it is necessary. Indeed, if the aroma is poorly dispersed in the mass, it is more available for degradation of taste and oxidation. And that’s what happens with liquid flavorings, which unfortunately use diluents capable of aiding in the flaking process that water does and the pros fear, because they pull flavors away from the dough during cooking.“.

Brazzale Natural BurroAroma Collection: A palette of seven primary “colours”.

Brazzale Natural ButterAroma comes with a range of seven natural flavors created by the Brazzale Science Nutrition & Food Research Centre, derived from raw materials of all-natural origin. It is extracted using techniques of a physical nature onlyWhich keeps its properties intact: Vanilla, Lemon, Coconut, Cocoa, Tropical, Almond and Coffee. It is the primary scents that, like the primary colors of a painter’s palette, allow the artist to create infinite works of art.

Benefits of Brazzale Natural Butter Aroma

Brazzale Natural BurroAroma is a food preparation that adapts to any type of pastry because it allows product and process innovation: in fact, it lends itself to greatly improving already existing procedures and preparations and to provide a tool for innovation.

BrieflyBenefits of Brazzale Natural BurroAroma:

It is food preparation

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Only natural flavors produced with the latest technology

Ensure a precise, precise distribution of the aroma in the dough

Reduce odor dispersion while cooking dough

Brazil Butter is the perfect carrier for aromas

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