Science explains why this phobia arises

Science explains why this phobia arises

Fears about other forms of life are increasingly evolving and ingrained in humans, especially for some animal species: scientific research has explained the origins of this phobia

Insectophobia (Adobe) –

Over time, human concerns about the animal world increase until they reach the total repulsion Which usually includes some species in particular. An element that seems to increase with time, a cause that has stimulated in the scientific community an analytical curiosity filled by research that finally reveals the truth.

in Phobia In the increase lies a clear motivation that can be measured through a value scheme that allows us to understand the reflection of the behavior adopted by humans in the course of evolution and history.

Fear of animals: it is developing more and more

Animals, included in more than 8 million species on Earth, have accompanied human life in the world since time immemorial, a fact that currently takes different forms based on the region. twist f urbanization They have in fact caused a slow and inevitable departure from nature, for a new home that humans find in the great cities and towns.

Arachnophobia (Adobe) –

In fact, the lifestyle imposed by the most developed cities does not allow for true communication with nature and therefore with the life forms that inhabit it, due to an inevitable departure from the animal world as well. In fact, with the exception of pets, there are some species that characterize the fear of many people, especially insects, to the point of becoming a real phobia. Horror and anxiety mix to give life to the feeling repulsion towards these forms of life, a topic recently highlighted by scientific research investigating their causes.

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Fear of some animals: Explanation of recent scientific research

Nature (Adobe) –

It will be the gradual alienation of man from nature that will explain the development and expansion of many anxieties in the animal world, especially in relation to some hated species. In fact, scientific research highlights the level of biophobia, which is constantly increasing, in relation to the historicity of urban population. Indeed, there is an unequivocal fact: the older the urban population, the higher the level of phobias in relation to certain forms of life. So there will be Disconnect from nature The main reason for the growing concerns, for the complete removal of these habitats.

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