Women in Science Day: Students meet astronomer Sofia Randic-Scola Grosseto

Women in Science Day: Students meet astronomer Sofia Randic-Scola Grosseto

On the occasion of International Women’s Day in Science, Tuesday, February 28, at 11 a.mMunicipal Library “Gaetano Badii” marine clusterwill hold a meeting with Sophia Randican astronomer of the Milky Way, the first woman to direct the historic Arcetri Astrophysical Observatory in Florence.

She will be a guest at the library telling Bernardino Lotti’s students about her research, her profession, and her career as a woman in science. The meeting, designed for schools, is also open to citizens by reservation. For information and reservations, call 0566.906293.

The Municipality of Massa Marittima Museums and the Municipal Library participates for the third year in a row in the International Day of Women and Girls in Science – explains Erin Marconimember of the city council for culture – Raising awareness of female personalities in the past or in our time who contribute to scientific research with their work. At the same time, we want to stimulate interest in the so-called STEM degrees (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) among students, especially female students, which are still witnessing a clear spread among men. In the past, there were many female scientists who made a decisive contribution to scientific discoveries without acknowledging their merits, and were completely overshadowed by their male colleagues. Gender equality is one of the goals of the 2030 Agenda, but it is still far away in the scientific sector due to stereotypes that influence the choice of school path. Our mission is also to help boys and girls recognize and overcome these stereotypes.

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First year of International Women’s Day in Science – he adds Roberta Peraccioli, Municipal Library Director We offered and suggested reading a series of books, in the second year we suggested a meeting with the Follonichese scholar Paola Caselli at Itis’ Lotti, finding great interest from the principal and some teachers who brought their classes, more than seventy girls and boys. . It was a stimulating experience for them. This year we will have Sophia Randish, another important presence, who will be able to arouse interest in science in many of our young people. Always working in close cooperation with the school, the Municipal Library brings important personalities to the region who are able to pass on passion, knowledge and influence the future choices of our young people, broadening their horizons more and more and encouraging them to participate in the game.

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