The storm over Bergoglio, clown cuffs for Messina Denaro and Google: therefore, today …

The storm over Bergoglio, clown cuffs for Messina Denaro and Google: therefore, today …

– You can’t miss it, catch it Matthew Messina Mooney, The secret of the “empty chests”. Looks like they found these boxes in the second stash and they think some of the papers are gone. certificate? So far nothing. But we’re in the usual pattern on the red notes, Riina’s papers gone and so forth. When we catch someone, there should always be some mystery involved. But I indisputably ask myself: But if we were looking for caches with all their secrets, wouldn’t it have been better not to reveal the capture of the president?

new ZelandThe Prime Minister resigns: “I don’t have enough energy.” brave? Maybe. heroin? No. Just someone who can’t stand the pressure and makes a choice. End. Jerusalem seems to me exaggerated.

Joe Biden The United States intends to help Ukraine regain Crimea. Now: Putin took it unfairly and all that, if you like. But that was in 2014. He was stratified like so many others in the world. I don’t think it’s time to start quarreling to return Crimea to Zelensky. Or am I wrong?

– Question: Will our government, especially the League, supply weapons to Kyiv if it decides to attack Crimea?

– Free nipple on Facebook and Instagram: Meta preparing to remove the lump. They’ll pass it off as gender equality stuff, and that’s okay. But raise your hand naughty who is not happy.

Undersecretary of the Ministry of Justice. Andrea Delmestro, announces interventions against the publication of “newspapers” in the newspapers during the investigation. I can already imagine tomorrow my colleagues ranting about the attack on freedom of the press. But it’s all bullshit: we’ve massively abused the “right to news” since 1992. It’s time to go back to some legitimate civilization.

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– All is well. It’s okay to disown your date and go away with the third pole. but what Letizia Moratti To say that you have never been “enthusiastic” for the Council of Attilio Fontana, in which you accepted a role at the height of the virus, seems to me an exaggeration even for those who do not disdain to spit on the plate from which they eat.

– the GermanyThe country that has been slower than any other in imposing gas sanctions is now also working to curb sending more weapons and tanks to Kyiv. President Steinmeier says that Berlin supports Ukraine “as much as it can. Which also means: we will not hang ourselves at any cost.

– I read this interview with one of the female teachers Matthew Messina Mooney. He says: “I remember Lorenza approaching the office and saying to me: Professor, every time you talk about the mafia, anti-mafia and legality, I want to leave the class and I don’t want to participate in the demonstration organized by the principal against the mafia. Then I asked her why in private and she told me that for us it could be For Matteo Messina Denaro to be president, a massacre, a criminal, a terrible man, for her he was always her father. I have never forgotten those words. Suspicious.

The Google Firing a lot of people hired during Covid to keep revenue high. It’s capitalism, gentlemen. And this is how it works, for better or for worse. What bothers me is the silly email from Alphabet CEO Sundar Pichai saying he’s “deeply sorry” about the layoffs. I understand something like that in a small family run business that just can’t keep going. Not in a multinational corporation with billions of dollars in revenue.

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– I watched a video Matthew Messina Mooney in handcuffs inside the San Lorenzo police station in Palermo. Sorry: but didn’t the judge say that the image of a super-fugitive taken to prison without chains was a symbol of the greatness of liberal democracy? So in this video that was broadcast on all TVs, they removed it just for show? If so, it looks more like a farce.

– Basic Gerhard Ludwig Müller Pope Bergoglio, after criticism from Ratzinger’s secretary, directly attacks the Gaenswein. “There is a kind of magic circle that goes around Santa Marta made up of people who, in my opinion, are not prepared theologically,” he says. And again: “In the Vatican it seems that information is now being circulated in a parallel manner, on the one hand the institutional channels are active, unfortunately less and less consulted by the Pope, and on the other hand the personal channels used even to appoint bishops or cardinals”. Müller accuses the Pope of causing pain by eliminating the Latin Mass. He speaks of migration as a phenomenon that some politicians rightfully want to curb (unlike Bergoglio in practice). Europe, he argues, is like the Davos branch. To say that the church was torn apart is probably an understatement.

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