Science and creativity in music

Science and creativity in music

2022 plan 2023XXXthe Release

Polytechnic Concerts

Bolim meeting musicto

Turin Politik

Aula Magna “Giovanni Agnelli”

Corso Duca degli Abruzzi 24

Parties start at 18.00

The second date for Course programming Science and creativity in co-productiontion With Rivoli musicLive Sights, City of Rivoli ConservatoryMonday, January 30 at 18 at the Aula Magna of the Polytechnic of Turin.

in icons Kercher The claim to scientific accuracy produces the most insane delirium of the imagination, so that it becomes ViramImpossible entity, more than inWritten work distinguish between right and wrong. Basically what we owe Kercher It is the idea that one can dream about science and technology.” (Umberto Eco)

George StrangekingHead of the collections of the Galileo Museum in Florence, he tells of the mysteries and beauties of the illustrious and controversial. organic mathematics to KercherIn Dialogue with Celtic Harp Elisa Petrocelli and transverse flute ClAudi Vasena.
Athanasius Kercher He was a German Jesuit, philosopher, historian and museologist who had, among many, the intuition of creating a machine”omnia in omnibusAn avant-garde encyclopedia, a testament to knowledge: from arithmetic and geometry to fortification and chronology, Science of Horoscopesastronomy, astrology, Information hidingMusic.

The only original copy of organic mathematics (XVII century) preserved in excellent condition in the Galileo Museum.

for the course Science and creativity

In co-production with the Istituto Musicale Città di Rivoli

Monday 30 January 2023 organic mathematicum to Kercher

George Strange sResponsible for the collections of the Galileo Museum in Florence

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Elisa Petrocelli Celtic harp

Claudia Vasena Transverse flute

George Strange
The Head of Collections at the Institute and Museum of the History of Science in Florence conducts special research and publishing activities in the field of the history of astronomy. Published many articles in magazines From the history of Italian science and foreign. Co-create exhibitions on the history of science and astronomy: Scientists a court (2001), Mundi machine (2004), Relativity from Galileo to Einstein (2005), telescope Galileo (2008-2009), strum2009. Astronomy and Instruments from Galileo to Today (2010). He is a member of scientific a tool society and scientifica tool commission From IUHPST. From 2007 to 2020 he was editor-in-chief of the series scientific a tool And groupsedited by Brill.

Elisa Petrocelli
after schoolor Modern Hymn Get closer to the world of ukulele with Silvia Bonino. He specializes in Irish styles and musicand scots with Henry euron And Green Hambly. Share in master class With: Louise Kelly, Green HamblyAnd Rachel PoetryAnd Chyna Dave Henry euron and that Gael quaif. Graduated in LiteratureAntiche follows SIEM courses and center seminars Goiter to appearancetion and didactics. In 2019 he obtained the system operator qualification Goiter after meThree-year music education course Teaching music to children.
He is a founding member of Celtic harp International Academy to promote knowledge and research on the various historical, cultural, artistic and stylistic aspects of the Celtic Harp through master classfestivals, concerts and conferences. Since 2020 regulated International Celtic Harp Festival in Bambarato In which he participates as a teacher and performer. She teaches Celtic harp and plays Public relations coefficientMusicology in Primary schools and kindergartens. He plays bassist and singer in the folk band Celticstrings And study Irish dancing in Jane’s Irish Dance Academyyes.

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Claudia Vasena

She approaches the world of music at a very young age and starts studying the transverse flute Converting to Marco Blazer. In 2006, he obtained a three-year license for composers, theory and solfeggio players in “G. Verdi’ in Turin and in 2008 he approaches the study of drums and ethnic percussion years join musical formations of various genres as a multi-instrumentalist, and this will lead her to play in many concert situations, in Italy and abroad, to publish albums and record parts Instrumentals as a guest on different productions.

Since 2016, he has been approaching the ABRSM (The linkedManagement Board Royal Schools of Music) from which they received their ARSM Flute Performance Diploma in 2018 and DepapasmFlute diploma with Excellence.

He is currently a drum, flute and street teacherDedication to the formation of Drtracks

for a musical theatrical show.

Polyem meeting schedule: 9.30 – 12.45 Telephone. +39 011.090.7926 / 7806 – Fax +39011.090.7989Email: [email protected] /

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