May 28, 2023

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“Bitter Land”, previews: Demir is angry at Hunkar

Here is what will happen in the episodes of the TV series from April 22 to 28 on Canal 5 (Monday to Friday at 2.10 pm, Saturday and Sunday at 3 pm)

Simona Di Gregorio
Apr 21, 2023 at 1:04 p.m

• All plots and viewings in “Terra amara”

Vadik (Pauline Imre) is attracted to Cetin (Aaras Senol) and gives him a gift, but keeps Gulten (Selin Genc) in the dark. Meanwhile, Cukurova is completely shaken by the publication in the newspaper of a photo depicting Hunkar (Vahide Percin) embracing Fekeli (Kerem Alisik). The photo is attached to an article that hints at a love affair between the two. When Demir (Murat Unalmice) found out, he was shocked and disappointed. He then told Hunkar that he did not want to see her again at Villa Yemen and to go to Fakili’s house. Meanwhile, the news begins to spread throughout the city, causing public outrage towards Henker.

Finally the article also reaches Fakili, who swears revenge. Therefore, a person sets off in search of the person responsible for the revelation; Only the timely intervention of Mojgan (Malika Ibirak Yalova) and Yilmaz (Ugur Günes) prevents the tragedy. After he regained calm, Fekili decided to tell the two young men about the origin of the love story between him and Henker.

Summary of the past week (15-21 April)

Yilmaz, who had transported Zeliha whose car had broken down, arrived with her at the estate in full view of everyone; This arouses nervousness in their husbands, who demand explanations… Bahis tries in every way to get Fikili’s attention with the aim of making Hanker jealous. Julide learns, in the halls of court, by chance that Sabahattin has finally obtained a divorce. Jetin and Mughan help the burning Vadik. Cetin, continues to court Gulten but with little success.

Progress from April 22nd to 28th

  • Behis continues to attract Fikili’s attention with the excuse that she has a sprained ankle.
  • Aziza was taken in due to a sudden illness and was taken to the hospital. Thinking she is dying, Sani warns Hunkar, who rushes to see her.
  • Demir threatens Fikili and Yilmaz, but Sabahattin intervenes and prevents the worst from happening.
  • Mojgan finds out that Sabahattin wants to go away and begs him not to leave her alone.
  • Hunkar is convinced that Sermin is behind publishing the article.
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