June 3, 2023

Hardwood Paroxysm

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Investigations “The Report” – Bureau of RAI Press

New date, Monday 23 May, with key reporting inquiries, airs at 9.20pm on Rai 3 and RaiPlay – www.raiplay.it/dirette/rai3. The book begins with the article “The Black Beast” written by Paolo Mundani in collaboration with Marco Pova, Roberto Percia and consultant Andrea Palladino. Thirty years after the death of Giovanni Falcone, forgotten documents and heroes are emerging capable of shedding new light on those facts. In Kapashi, Cosa Nostra did not act alone: ​​right-wing extremists and mafiosi, according to witnesses and documents found, together again, after years of tension strategy, in a deadly embrace that took people’s lives. From Falcone and Purse. The whole picture was for the two judges, and today, after returning to listen to collaborators and former carabinieri, Report is trying to rebuild it. After “The Public Vaccine That the West Doesn’t Want”, by Manuel Bonacoursi and Alicia Marzi. Cuba lacks milk, bread and soap. But the small Caribbean country, which has undergone 60 years of a particularly harsh blockade, has managed to cope with the virus on its own. Thanks to three vaccines designed and developed by the national biotechnology industry. An entirely public industry, but capable of important scientific innovations. Today, Cuba is the second country in the world in terms of the vaccination rate (after the United Arab Emirates, which has an income of 13 times) and above all the only country that has also vaccinated infants, aged two years and over. Thanks to Soberana, produced by the Finlay Institute in Havana, and developed from a vaccine platform for children, with close to zero side effects. calendar? Today there is a very low infection rate in Cuba, and even the Omicron wave on the Caribbean island has passed without causing damage. Now Soberana can also be imported into Europe, to complete the vaccination of young ones, which so far is still at stake. But the hurdles of Brussels regulations can be insurmountable. In fact, also because of the embargo, Cuba cannot respect the good manufacturing practices imposed in Europe. And even the premise of its manufacture in Italy, in a sophisticated company, may not be enough to overcome this obstacle. A wall that prevents developing countries, many of which have important scientific innovations, from accessing the rich first world drug market. Finally, the “criminal trap” investigation of Chiara de Luca. Trap is a subgenre of rap that is very popular among young people, and it tells of street life in a brutal and arrogant way. This style, which was born in the world of American gangsters in Atlanta, in Italy has been exploited by organized crime, and some of the best known singers are close to mafia families. A report has met some of the top performers of the genre.

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