What she was wearing, the first member of the royal family to do so, Letizia noted

What she was wearing, the first member of the royal family to do so, Letizia noted

There is a before and after in the lives of kings indeed Frederick of Denmark and his wife Mary Donaldson Since the magazine Read %s It published a cover that reached that country, which shocked everyone. Cover where it was talked about The extramarital affair between the king and Mexican actress Genoveva CasanovaShe shares her apartment in Madrid and walks in Retiro Park. A cover that surprised even the Spanish kings, Felipe and Leticia, who, when the news bomb exploded, were precisely in Copenhagen on an official visit, taking part in a dinner where faces were a poem and no one knew where to look.

Leticia and Frederik from Denmark / GTRES
Frederick and Mary Donaldson, with Philip and Leticia J. Terris

Since that day, everyone has been looking with a magnifying glass in that direction. And now, the one we've seen alone, in her first solo show within her country, at a corporate event, has gone to Donaldson. The first show that shocked employees, which was accompanied by an unexpected and much-discussed photo, occurred on Monday. Six weeks after the announcement and the kiss on the balcony of Christiansborg, the Queen presided over an event alone, without Frederick, but at the moment more than one detail is being discussed. beautyAnd Aesthetic details Which was marked by differences and which surprised because We have never seen this before in any king.

Mary Donaldson's previous presence without her husband on an official visit was in Germany, in the final of the European Handball Championship. However, on Monday, the Danish Queen presided over the award process Elite Research Awards 2024 from the Ministry of Education, a regular appointment in their annual calendar. And to honor the name of the awards, what is better than getting creative with your look, specifically with what you put on your hands, on your nails. A manicure that really stands out Vanitatis, wore a color never seen before in royal style. As they quoted in the aforementioned medium, “It is not very common for members of the royal family to wear colorful manicures, opting for light and sober colours, with some exceptions.Today, however, Donaldson's color has not gone unnoticed, because in contrast the two-piece is dark blue, “The Danish Queen wore a stunning and intense blue, which is the color we commonly and colloquially call her “Blue Smurfs”“. common sense.

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Mary Donaldson and her original “Blue Smurfs” colored nails / GTRES
Mary Donaldson and her original “Blue Smurfs” colored nails / GTRES

If that is not enough, Queen Mary He went above and beyond leaving everyone speechless with his complementary touch shoesa snake-print model with very high heels from Gianvito Rossi, one of the leading brands for the royal family when it comes to choosing models for their feet, a design that broke Total mass The blue color that dominated the rest of his clothes, including Smurf's blue fingernails. Leticia is already taking note. Surely one day we will see her with the same nails.

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