Mediaset “Sells Everything”: A Caravan of Characters Leaves | Giant SOS

Mediaset “Sells Everything”: A Caravan of Characters Leaves |  Giant SOS
Mediaset: SOS for the network –

What’s happening at Mediaset is unbelievable: many of them no longer exist, which comes as a real shock to both male and female viewers.

this year, 2023, It was really crucial to the private network’s schedule Media set: After the death of Silvio Berlusconi, the company came entirely under the leadership of Pier Silvio Berlusconi, new to, Which had the opportunity to give a renewed direction to the network.

the the changes There was a lot, come on Does not make sense However, it reaches those who have had the most direct impact On offer From network television.

in this days results From the first month of broadcast, perhaps considering that September is the reboot month, so the mode shot will likely be truer in October.

However, this is not just about mediaset, But also its “rival”. public network, Which also brought certainty Transitions. Seemingly, vanishement from a specific network the people He was Underlined By people on the Internet.

Another first for television

after One summer From recklessness, exceptions, Schedule changes and new ones programs, The games are definitely not over yet. Only in recent days has a certain caliber been confirmed to be present in a very popular program being broadcast there Sunday.

We’re talking about sunday in, One of the leading Rai programs, where “Aunt Mara” Venir He handles rather sensitive topics with great skill: the host’s skill also lies in his ability to establish a confidential relationship with most of the guests, who immediately sense Welcome In the studios. the last ‘buying’ However, Dominica N raised several Online controversy.

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Mara Venere presents on Sunday at -
Mara Venere performs on Sunday at –

There is no young singer on Rai

“Mara Veneer Confirms #Belin to Sunday in “ Journalist David writes maybe on Twitter. It’s about her, the famous Italian showgirl who was naturalized in Argentina and who for years was a television icon and presented programs such as To CQ Valis And hyenas, Programs that are a necessity for Mediaset.

Many users have pointed out that there seems to be some kind of corridor between the two networks, Rai and Mediaset: just think about it Stefano Di Martino, Which was its first appearance in the second, while now we see it in the first table and not only. According to some whispers, it seems so Barbara Durso can receive an offer. Belen To Domenica In would only confirm this thesis, which, however, remains only a hypothesis for the web audience, and has never been confirmed. Attend the Rodriguez Ray is sure to have a lot in store for us beautiful surprises, certainly.

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