Daniel Bussari “I had a tumor in my throat.” disease story

Daniel Bussari “I had a tumor in my throat.”  disease story

Chemotherapy first, then recovery, and now the narrow escape point. Daniel Busari On Instagram he reassures his fans with a post featuring a tarot card: “The first Monday in September is the day many start their businesses again. But for me, returning to a simple daily routine, the day takes on the meaning of rebirth.”

Busari He talks about rebirth by showing the comment card in the foreground and in the background, he is. “To explain what happened to me, I use the twelfth arc of the Tarot: “The Hanged Man,” because it perfectly represents the state in which I found myself. He appeared to me in a dream on a spring night, while I was trying to understand the physical suffering I was experiencing during my months of treatment Chemo and radiotherapy, to treat a lump in the throat. I’m alive and I can tell you about it.”

Then he continues: “In the impossibility of escaping the pain, I had to accept it. Hanging by the thread of fate, but with complete faith in medical sciences, I passed through the storm. While the doctors were treating my body, I tried to heal my soul by practicing those teachings dictated by all the books read, and spiritual texts, and meditations. The inner search had to find meaning for what was happening to me. The “hanged” is the one who empties himself to become a recipient of luminous powers. For me this disease represented a very powerful initial form, forcing me to dismantle my ego, resulting in to the collapse of all certainty, allowing me to revise the scale of values: What are the real priorities? The first is love.”

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