Big Brother, report cards for the third evening. Who are the nominees and how does the broadcast day change?

Big Brother, report cards for the third evening.  Who are the nominees and how does the broadcast day change?

the Big Brother Episode 3 Report Cards They crown Giselda and Rosie. The two, Grecia Colmenares and Vittorio, were nominated. Which was also incredibly preserved. The public really doesn’t want to know more Greece Colmenares. He is in fact the lowest-voted of the four candidates and is therefore a candidate for elimination.

The next episode, the fourth of this edition of the reality show hosted by Alfonso Signorini, will be broadcast on Thursday, September 21, instead of Friday, the 22.

Candidates are Arnold, Vittorio, Lorenzo, and Beatrice Luzzi. At the end of the telecast, the contestant with the fewest votes will be nominated for elimination along with Grecia Colmenares.

Rosie Chen: Vote Thank you for being there. Without her, Beatrice Luzzi and Grecia Colmenares – coincidentally three women and not very young – we would all be bored. Instead, they explicitly discuss nothingness, and cause debate, about the clearly motivated void. But at least they shake the audience. In fact, we are talking about them at the beginning of the episode. Then we can purr happily for the rest of the evening.

Cornflower: Vote, we’ll give you the moon, just get out. Her statement at the Sanremo Festival speaks for itself – “You have to be 80 or they won’t call you” – and with a ten-kilo bag of envy towards the music scene that inevitably won’t be able to host her. “When I’m walking around and someone recognizes me, I don’t think they recognize me, I don’t think I’m the best at all.” That’s why she gets angry if she’s not picked up at the festival. Valsaaaah. There’s clearly no shortage of mourning in this episode. She cries and Alfonso is happy.

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Paolo: I vote a little lower. He criticizes Saint Giselda Nostra for looking at him when she passes, but he exercises half-naked. On the other hand, it’s not for excitement, it’s just a summer he wishes would never end. Paraphrasing Negramaros. Saint Giselda advises Nostra to believe in herself because she is beautiful, good, kind and intelligent, but also that she must not fall in love with him. Freedom, equality, humility.

Giselda: I vote for Ultar. Behind this insufferable paean to her – and her feigned love for Mauro Corona – lies a great wisdom: she cares for Paolo as much as she cares for a well-equipped establishment on the Romagna Riviera. Alfonso Signorini treats her as he would the alien Mork, but she is also objectively superior to him. Let us immortalize him forever.

Cesara Bonamisi: Like a mocha rating of one. Useless. Do you know the Moka for making coffee from one cup? Don’t tell me this is good, please. Even if you are alone at home, you are not satisfied with just one cup. Well, poor Cesara doesn’t really add anything to the show. Sin.

Alex Schweitzer and his story that we knew centuries ago. He was poor and made a mistake, but he was poor, and anyway his wife saved him. Blah blah blah: I vote for deep sleep.. We are bored and not because of his fault, but because of an unfortunate writing choice that placed him at the heart of a program in which he should tell his story, but with several years of delay. His story has been told in every way and way. So, that’s enough. Change the channel. The only point in his favor: he pretends to be an opossum when an unnecessarily agitated Alfonso Signorini invites him to have sex. It doesn’t do that. Give him a place of power. immediately. I think Bersilvio Berlusconi also opened a big museum.

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Vittorio: Vote for whom? Having entered the house as the hot guy who should have seduced the treadmill as well, he proves to be just a hint for the bedside table. He has plenty of time to prove he is a good character, and hopefully he will start doing so before December.

Angelica: classification analysis. “Angelica is the classic girl from a good family but chose to move away from her family to follow her love.” So, according to Alfonso Signorini, he is no longer from a good family. I’m shivering. In the Big Brother house there is no character who does not talk about mother, father, brothers, uncles and distant relatives. Unfinished business as if it were raining. Obviously, she is not exempt from this. We hope to hear more too.

Massimiliano Varese: I vote for Walter Nodo. He is the teacher of this elder brother, the teacher of life, and the dispenser of wisdom. I see and I predict and I’m crazy: he will reach the final because he knows exactly how things are going. good boy.

Alfonso Signorini: I vote to stop it. “Do you see how many open wounds there are in life?” The moment he utters this sentence while some of the tenants are shedding tears over various experiences, he realizes his satisfaction. It makes a mess that I don’t understand even after 4 drinks of gin and tonics. Its management is, as always, cumbersome and overcrowded. bad. Almost worse than Rebecca Staveley’s social moments. I almost said.

Glorifying the Ignorance of Competitors: The Montessori Vote. Meaning these people should go back to school. And by the way, if you think there is a city called Massera, that’s a problem. It’s not a funny joke.

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