Voa, opinion and differences. Him: “Radio Salvini? I smile»- Corriere.it

Voa, opinion and differences.  Him: “Radio Salvini?  I smile»- Corriere.it

to Take off the maskThe program is hosted on Radio 1 byFormer head of opinion From the area Member of the Northern League, Marcelo Foa, the most discussed news on the schedule of the new Rai Radio, presented yesterday in Rome. Radio 1 director tries, Francesco Bionati, to divert attention to other programs. He elaborates on his assertions Giorgio Zanchini, Emanuela Falcetti, Giancarlo Lucenzi, Giorgio Lauro, Giovanni Minoli, and not in the center-right area. Claim a new mission: «Make this Rights RadioL. He promised that there would also be some “shock» To activate the schedule. Then take a breath and try the sarcasm card: “With Marcelo Foa, A take off the mask, There will be Peter Gomez (Co-Director L Everyday reality, Mr. Dr) And Luca Ricolfi (political scientist, Mr. Dr), all members of the Northern League for the first time – as he jokes -, like Alessandra Gisleri (opinion poll, Mr. Dr) and Giorgio Gandola (journalist for the truth , Mr. DrL. But then he was bombarded with questions about Foix, but also about the other presenters in the Salvino area: Roberto PolettiAnnalisa Chirico and Monica Citta.

Bionati does not fit:Â «Whoever talks about Radio Salvini must explain why. We have a combination of Schedule Balanced – answers -. I have built all my professional commitment in business and radio on respect for the pluralism that has always distinguished me. So I applied this same model to the timeline.” Then he gives his paw: «As for Foua, I based my choice on precedent: I saw that a couple of Rai heads, like Maggioni and Annunziata, produced good arrangements. So I thought being Ray’s boss was an advantage.” To change the subject, he announces the latest news: Red and blacksponsored by Francesco Staurasi and Vladimir Luxoriawas appointed after rejection Luisella Costamagna Bionatti explains that it is due to a “incompatibility” with the co-host.

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Fuwa too, I heard of courier, sends the criticism back to the sender. to”Radio Salvini? I answer with a smileOur goal is to show that it is possible to do truly pluralistic streaming, as can already be seen by the selection of regular guests: Gomez, Ricolfi and Guisleri seem to me to be far removed from the world of the Northern LeagueL. In his first appearance, he sparked debate with his defense of General Fanacci: “No The silent majority He wasn’t expecting anything else.” Ha Sovereign sympathy I am not a mystery: “I firmly believe in the Constitution Which is mentioned in the first article: the sovereign people; “I believe that democracy is based on popular sovereignty.” So which side is he on?My program is a counter-current program: We live in a paradoxical age where we are bombarded with news emphasized by social media in the context of a constant flow that never allows us to understand the true causes of certain phenomena. Today we are talking about TeleMeloni. Wasn’t RAI a pluralist band in its time? “It’s undeniable that he’s there.” Need to open up opinion to different sensitivities “Politically and culturally, the effort I see in our leaders is to allow voices to be represented in a more systematic and broad way, and that doesn’t mean to lean opinion only to the right.” That seems to be the case though: “No, da.” Annunziata to Fazio “Those who left did so because they decided to, and were not expelled.”

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