Night of European Researchers: Science within everyone’s reach, 29 September in Bologna

Night of European Researchers: Science within everyone’s reach, 29 September in Bologna

Night of European Researchers: Science within everyone’s reach, 29 September in Bologna

The European Researchers’ Night is back with the aim of making science inclusive and interactive

Today, September 18, at the headquarters on Via Zamboni del.University of Bologna2023 edition of Night of European researcherswhich will be held on September 29 From 6 pm to midnight, especially in… Piazza Lucio Dalla From the Emilian capital. Side events will also be organized in other cities where the university is located – Cesena, Forli, Ravenna, Faenza and Rimini – He’s at FerraraWith UniFe partner for the project.

The event, funded by the European Union, will consist of a performance Projects, exhibitions and games for the publicwhich will make Comprehensive and interactive science. Much attention will be paid to technologywith platforms dedicated to how to “learn” machines, automated agricultural machinery, food engineering, aircraft prototypes for the urban skies, and much more.

Andrea Comastri, DirectorInf Bologna, spoke in particular about the activities associated with his institute specialized in Astrophysics and space sciencesWhere the pioneer will be the interactive stations for Virtual Reality To attend simulations Planetary defense. “There are no aliens!” the researcher jokes, “but there are comets, asteroids and space debris that could come into contact with the atmosphere.” Virtual reality offered by INAF will also allow this Explore galaxies And “play” in virtual mazes dedicated to learning about astronomy.

Claudia Patrignani, Professor at the University of Bologna, andNational Institute of Nuclear Physicswith whom he cooperates, will be presented to the participants Tools With which they observe the world, such as elementary particles. Another goal would be to explain how Physics can get interesting Even at school, “it’s less abstract,” explains Patrigani.

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Antonella Guidazzoli, Director Visit Seneca’s laboratoryShe wanted to emphasize the great contribution of female researchers, so present at her institute. On the Night of the Seekers, Seneca will explain its purpose Simulation laboratoryA. worked Quantum computer. not only this :artificial intelligenceCineca’s daily tool, will be available to attendees, who will thus understand first-hand how AI enriches researchers’ wealth of information.

Among the researchers there will also be students from Third year of the Galilee School of Sasso MarconiParticipation in projectsNational Institute of Geophysics and Volcanology. In fact, the INGV will offer the laboratories it organizes to disseminate science in schools at all levels.

Some side events will be held at CNR headquarters in Bolognawhich in collaboration with ISPRA, ISTAT, CREA and ENEA, will engage participants in discovery Submerged lands, statistics and environment.

Anyone can participate in the European Researchers’ Night, because that is exactly what it aims to do Make people understand the importance of researchHow it is an integral part of every individual’s daily life.

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