Delia Duran / Alex Pelley: “Artistic kisses? After being suspended, he can do whatever he wants”

Delia Duran / Alex Pelley: “Artistic kisses? After being suspended, he can do whatever he wants”

Alex Bailey Enter as a guest at Casa Chi, the “breaking news” man over after what happened during the last episode of. Big Brother VIP 2021 Which the Billy Doran couple confessed to everyone paused. Alex Bailey Mainly answered questions about Delia Duran and his imminent entry into the reality show home. The actor admitted how he thinks Delia can get along well with Manila Nazarote Inside the house for being one “A wonderful woman from home”.

Alex Bailey He admitted that he fell in love with her Delia Duran for every: “His sense of family. When she came to me and we decided to live together, she had this attitude of being pampered and running a house and that’s something she definitely shares with Manila”. The actor spoke only of female rivals and ruled out the hypothesis that a woman could cause some male competitors at home to fall at her feet though… “Delia has a bit of my style of doing things, she’s very sunny and fun, and thus, can also be misunderstood.” The actor admitted that women have no problems with male sex and admits: “She can handle Barrow quite well.”.

Delia Duran’s artistic kisses with Barrow?

After this statement Alex Bailey He wanted to clarify that Delia Duran Can’t donate “Artistic Kisses” in Barù, but is careful to specify: “After last night’s suspension, you can do whatever you want” She is keen to point out that she is not single but lives with her Delia Duran “comment”. Alex Bailey He also wanted to reveal the background of the last episode of Big Brother VIP 2021 The writers are convinced that the actress appeared at the hotel where Delia is in quarantine.

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Next, the actor wanted to dig a little deeper what his relationship with Delia was: “A relationship that always presents some challenge” He admitted: “What I feel inside is not pleasant. Although I advised her not to go.” Regarding what happened during the last episode of the reality show Canale 5, he admitted: “I was so upset”.

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