“Last time Sanremo. the sitter? It is better to work and not complain. Doors open for Måneskin » – Corriere.it

From Andrea LaFranci

The festival leader announced (for the third time) that in addition to the 22 Big, there will be the three “Sanremo Giovanni” winners. “Fiorello? We’ll talk about it later.”

Let’s go. The Sanremo Festival in full will begin on Wednesday the 15th. The three Sanremo Giovanni winners, selected live on Rai1, from the casino scene, will be added to the already announced 22 VIPs. For this edition, Amadeus returned to Bend Mahmood who managed to win the festival starting with the Youth Choice in December. Not just two, as originally expected by the regulation, but Three will go to February Festival. “I woke up to this idea, and since the songs are all beautiful, I’m going to step on the whole platform. In the final evaluation, Lee and the committee, there is also a judgment on the unreleased song that will then lead to the final stage,” he announced. Amadeus Introducing the evening that in addition to the challenge will also see each (Except for Elisa who has COVID).

“new adventure”

“I am happy to start this adventure,” says Amadeus. The first festival was the maximum crowd, and I’ve never seen so many people together before. The second is the desert in which I do not wish anyone to live: I remember meetings that were even considered cancelled. For me there will never be another one, I say this every year but as an Interista I would say so I stop at the tripleStefano Coletta, director of Rai1, is also optimistic: «We are in the final chapter of a unique example in the history of television. The first was a party, an anti-historic version of last year, but with an unprecedented change in the audience that made young people in front of the TV. myself for the upcoming event with a sense of redemptive justice: I hope we can work without the fear and concerns of the past year.”

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deep night

As for not revealing his papers yet. It will definitely end late at night. “I love listening to all these songs late. And then there will be room for lightness. Fiorello? We have an agreement with him and we will talk about it twenty days before.” Soon to talk about the guests. “I will start thinking about it in the next few days. They’re going to have to be great because there’s such a thing in the race. For Måneskin, the doors are clearly opening: it was something devastating with a power that captured more.”

exclude seated

Amadeus also replied to Galis and the The controversy over their exclusion (25) from the festival: “I appreciate the song and do not consider it appropriate for my festival. Nothing against Galis, as well as nothing against the other 320 excluded ”, said the conductor of the orchestra on the eve of the final in San Remo Giovanni. He did not shy away from the words to comment on the public release of the two artists, as they said, “victims of prejudice.” «I think the most important thing is To work and not complain Because the complaint doesn’t take credit for a singer’s story. They have always taught me to work hard and not to think that there is always a conspiracy against someone. Work and maybe things can get better.” Only in this way “maybe in the future there will be an opportunity for them.”

guarantor wanted

Several years ago, Sanremo delivered a positive balance sheet. From viale Mazzini, there doesn’t seem to be any fear of the fact that Tim, the main sponsor of recent releases, has taken off at the last minute. “It’s a special moment for the company and the choice is understandable. Coletta says the launch of such an important sponsor for us has revived market interest and we hope to do well in terms of sponsorship and advertising.” Claudio Fasolo, Deputy Director of Rai1, looks to the future of the event: “Mehta, Ultimo, Mahmoud and Gabbani were born from the relaunch process that we started in 2015. It would also be good to give a sequence to Sanremo Giovanni with a kind of permanent academy.”

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The 12 guys in the race

These are 12 young men competing: Pais (“What Happened to Me”), Martina Beltrami (“I Talk About You”), Destro (“August in the Middle of Summer”), Iseo (“Ariana”), Litama (“Fuck You Have to Watch”) , Oli? (“Enamel and tint”), Matteo Romano (“Head and Cross”), Samia (“Let me breathe”), Senza_Cri (“To me”), Tananai (“Exaggerated”), Vitoria (“California” ), two days (“A Thousand Nights”).

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