Big Brother November 16: Nominees, exits, new ins, and Alex Schweitzer judging

Big Brother November 16: Nominees, exits, new ins, and Alex Schweitzer judging

A new competitor, a person who has left the house by withdrawing from the game and six tenants at risk of being eliminated: this is the balance of the house Thursday, November 16, episode of Big Brother. Episode that started with one Bad news for Alex Schweitzer And his admirers: the disqualification discount that would have allowed him to participate in the next Olympics did not arrive from WADA. Which means, in fact, A high-profile career is coming to an end For pedestrians.

The decision was also previously announced during the episode Giampiero Moginiwas also accepted by the big brother, who Quit the reality show Conducted by Alfonso Signorini. Then the journalist left the game. the reason? Mugenyi has to finish writing the new book By the end of December. So there is nothing new for him. But the commitment is already planned.

Those nominated during the Monday, November 13 episode are: Anita Ulivieri, Beatrice Luzzi, Ciro Petrone, Grecia Colmenares, Rosie Chen, and Massimiliano Varese. An unprecedented nomination, a nomination for the final episode. In fact, on Monday, November 13, no candidates had been nominated, and therefore immunity had not been granted to any challengers. The result was a complete picture of household balance, even if the fact that women could vote only for women and men only for men in no way affected the tenants’ choices. He is They were rescued first: Ciro Petrone, Massimiliano Varese, Grecia Colmenares and Rosie Chen. Beatrice Luzzi and Anita Olivieri were announced Two of my favorites From the public. They are therefore both immune and safe from the next removal.

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During the Thursday, November 16, episode of Big Brother, the audience finally witnessed New entry from U.S Competitor at home. Finally, not because of the character itself, but because this inclusion was delayed twice. Pearl Fatero, the ex-girlfriend of competitor Mirko Brunetti, in turn became a competitor on the reality show. It is likely at this point that he will also be able to enter the house in the next few days Greta RossettiBrunetti’s current girlfriend.

Nominations: The two tenants voted on by the telecast will be announced as the best tenants and therefore immune in the Monday, November 20, episode. Candidates are Grecia Colmenares, Rosie Chen, Letizia Beatris, Ciro Petroni, Giuseppe Garibaldi and Paolo Masella.

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