The new exhibition at Diamonds will be called “Flowers and ca**i.”

The new exhibition at Diamonds will be called “Flowers and ca**i.”

The new Ferrara Arte gallery at Palazzo Diamanti will be called “Fiori e ca**i”. The announcement comes from Rimini, where the International Tourism Fair is being held.

This news comes from the new scheduling of the press conference to present the calendar of events and initiatives for the end of 2023 and 2024 (and beyond) in Ferrara.

The date is Wednesday, October 11 at 2pm, and this event replaces the event originally scheduled for the following day. The Undersecretary of the Ministry of Culture and President of the Ferrara Arte Foundation, Vittorio Asgarbi, will participate and announce and detail, among other things, the new exhibition tentatively titled “Fiori e ca**i”, at the Palazzo dei Diamanti from 23 March. 2024, with the works of renowned photographer Robert Mapplethorpe in dialogue with the graphic works of Filippo De Pessis.

Also at the speakers’ table were Mayor Alain Fabbri and Councilman Marco Golinelli. Council member Matteo Fornasini, Ente Palio president Nicola Borsetti, Verjani-Navarra secondary school principal Massimiliano Urbinati, and Stefano De Brindisi, sole director of the Sipro development agency, will also attend.

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