A new baby is coming for her and Marco Fantini!

A new baby is coming for her and Marco Fantini!

Beatrice Valley You will be pregnant for the fourth time: after giving birth AlexanderAnd the white And the AzureThe former suitor was expecting another child, and the third from her husband Marco Fantini.

Rumors about a new pregnancy for Beatrice It really started to go viral in recent days, when Vale showed up with a belly more pronounced than usual at the launch dinner for her jewelry collection. On that occasion Beatrice He had denied everything, explaining that the swelling was due to lactose intolerance.

Later, some couple lovers They asked their sister Ludovica Self Beatrice she was pregnant and the the valleys The youngest had made it clear that she didn’t know anything, but even if she was really pregnant she would have found out about it with her followers, indicating that their relationship isn’t the most idyllic.

Tonight Marco And the Beatrice Guests of the first episode of the X Factor live broadcast also on the occasion the valleys She appeared with a rather pronounced abdomen and many began to believe that the cause of this swelling was not due to lactose, but to the birth of a new child.

The Pipol portal confirmed this neglect a short while ago via an Instagram post:

Pipol, reveals a preview of Beatrice Valli’s beautiful predictions.
Tonight, she and her husband Marco Fantini appeared backstage on the first evening episode of X-Factor with her tummy in sight! We were in Pipol there and we can confirm the news regarding the new beautiful expectation.
So, the fourth pregnancy arrives for Beatrice who is one of the most beloved couples on the network who got married a few months ago in a wonderful place in Capri.

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