In “Viatger,” Mikkel Gil undertakes “an act of musical craftsmanship for the 21st century.”

In “Viatger,” Mikkel Gil undertakes “an act of musical craftsmanship for the 21st century.”

The singer-songwriter will premiere the new album at a concert in Valencia on March 9

Valencia, February 22. (European Press) –

Valencian singer and songwriter Miguel Gil He releases his new album “the passenger”It is a work that he defines as “musical craftsmanship in the twenty-first century” and which brings him back to the stage. The first stop will be next March 9 at Main theater in ValenciaWhere the first ceremony of the new proposal will be presented.

The musician, who has more than 49 years of professional experience, presents the result of a process that began in the summer of 2022 and represents a “new journey” for him as he enters the world of digital technology.

“Viatger” was a great experience for a generation, conveying the rhythms, harmonies, sounds and atmosphere of digital and electronic environments and sounds.

The end result is a disc that he himself described as “contradictory” with dense themes (many tracks, effects and synthetic sounds) and simple themes (guitar, tambourine and voice).

“A little bit”

“This is a work of craftsmanship from the 21st century, little by little, done by hand. The roots of Valencian music (not folkloric),” says the creator of Catarroga.

Mikel Gil undertook this new journey accompanied by expert Nilo Alfonso and with Tony Burkar, Eduard Navarro, Gusma Gil, Tubal Rentero, Nico Alfonso and Edo Navarro Jr. And Jordi Pastor.

Part of the “journey” was made possible thanks to a small sponsorship project started by the musician, which exceeded its goal ahead of schedule.

Mikkel Gil's new album can be enjoyed and listened to on all platforms, as well as live streamed on the tour being conceived.

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The opening shot will be on March 9 at the Principal Theater in Valencia, where the musician will take the stage accompanied by friends such as Vicent Torrent, Pep Gimeno 'Botifarra', La Maria, Titana and others.

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