Home Bonus: Pay attention to the bank transfer, this common mistake puts families in trouble, you are risking a lot

Home Bonus: Pay attention to the bank transfer, this common mistake puts families in trouble, you are risking a lot

For renewal bonus discounts, you should pay close attention to bank transfer. Here’s what the revenue agency says.

Rewards associated with interventions Renewal and energy rehabilitation It undoubtedly allows for significant savings over the next decade for the business. But there are a series of rules that must be applied very carefully so as not to risk losing everything. In this case, when we talk about home renovation work with a 50% renovation bonus, it is necessary to know the procedure not only regarding the intervention itself but also Regarding payment methods.

In fact, we know that the payment of funds to the company that will carry out internal or external works must be made in a “traceable” way, i.e. not in cash or by check: the ideal situation is payment by bank transfer, the best method from a traceability point of view. In addition to The bank transfer must be registered To the person who will subsequently be the beneficiary of the discount on the basis of his competence.

Home Renovation Bonus, Revenue Agency Explains the Conveyancing Process

What happens instead ifThe bank transfer requester is a different person Who benefits from the discount? Many have asked themselves questions and doubts about this question over the past few years, also because there are no written specifications on the law related to the restructuring bonus. Well, with Circular No. 17/2023, the Tax Authority clarified by providing an answer to a taxpayer’s question: The person concerned asked whether it was possible to make the transfer from his current account while entering the father’s tax code as a beneficiary of deductions related to extraordinary maintenance of the house owned by the parents. . The reason was related to the fact that The father did not have a bank account.

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The revenue agency answers the taxpayer's question

House allowance and bank transfer are different from the person requesting the discount (designmag.it)

The Revenue Agency responded to this suspicion by clarifying thatSponsored Business Conversion Generator Of this bonus can actually be different from the taxpayer who will be the beneficiary of the deduction. However, on the condition that a designated bank transfer is used, indicating the reason for payment, specifying in this area that it is made for interventions that would give the right to deduction; The tax code of the “recipient of the discount” must then be indicated, which may also be different from the person ordering the transfer. Finally, the VAT number Or alternatively the tax code of the beneficiary of the transfer. Therefore, the payer may be a different person from the beneficiary of the discount, provided that the latter is the one who requests this on number 730.

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