Montese – Former U.S. Senator Bob Dole, who fought in the Chronicle, has died

Former Kansas Senator Bob Dole, a leading Republican political figure, was defeated by Democrat Bill Clinton in the 1996 White House race and died in the United States on Sunday.

The 98-year-old had been unwell for some time. During World War II he fought with the 10th American Mountain in the Tuscan-Emilian Abyss and on April 14, 1945 he was struck by a German bomb at the Ombrina de Castel de Iano in the Bolognese region and had his right arm amputated. .

The 10th Division also fought in Montesino from Montagna: it liberated the village of Aola on March 3, 1945. Bob Dole returned to Italy nine times to visit the places where he had taken his gun.

Castell de Iono made him an honorary citizen. In October 2015, his wife, Elizabeth, along with Ronald Reagan, former president of the American Red Cross and Secretary of State for Transport, expressed a desire to visit the Aola de Montes Museum (pictured). ‘Memory D’ Italy 1939 – 1945 ‘, a room dedicated to the 10th USA Mountains. “Many of our soldiers died here. At age 92, I decided to return to this special place.”


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