Dario Grana is among the elite of US professors

Dario Grana is among the elite of US professors

PIZZIGHETTONE – The Geophysical World Dario Granawho has lived for nearly 11 years in the United States where he is an associate professor atUniversity of Wyominghas wonDistinguished Teacher Award 2022A rating attributed to the best teachers in it Society of Exploration Geophysics. What makes the award even more extraordinary is the fact that the nomination was submitted by students (current and former) and colleagues from the Pizzighetto area. “This is the most beautiful thing – explains Grana, who lives temporarily in his village these days -: Without the students I wouldn’t be where I am now, because they really helped build my research group. Seeing them excel in their careers, in universities or in the private sector, is very satisfying.”

these Requirements to be able to access the prestigious awardBeing an author of outstanding contributions to the teaching of geophysics. It has had an excellent influence on educational programs related to geophysics; They have a special dedication to advising and supervising students; Be an inspiration to future generations of professionals in this field. Identity that corresponds to perfection. Indeed, in the successful application, students and professors wrote, among other things, that Grana “He is one of the most famous geologists for his studies in rock physics and seismic reservoir characterization.But he is also a teacher with whom students feel comfortable discussing scientific and academic problems.

Professor Dario Grana, himself He graduated in Mathematics from the University of Pavia and completed his Ph.D. in Geophysics at Stanford, California, will be officially awarded on September 1st in Houston. But the outstanding teacher award will come as soon as it reaches the person concerned It became official in June with a lot of motivation from the committee. “I knew the students and colleagues were planning something – says Grana – because they asked me for information about my career. But I didn’t know the details. Receiving the email announcing the award was a surprise. And Looking at the list of previous winners, I can’t help but feel proud. In 2017, for example, the award went to rosemary night He is an outstanding lecturer in geophysics at Stanford University, where she earned her Ph.D. It is very impressive to have my name read alongside high-ranking researchers and professors from top universities.”

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It is impossible not to ask Grana if he would think, sooner or later, of returning to Italy permanently. “I don’t rule it out – he answers – but Objectively speaking, my research resources in the United States are much higher than those in ItalyThe message is clear.

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