United States, Yes Congress for maximum plan on Biden’s infrastructure

United States, Yes Congress for maximum plan on Biden’s infrastructure

The stalemate is over. The US Congress has given the green light to President Joe Biden’s’ maximum trillion-dollar infrastructure project. The turning point of the agreement between the progressives and the moderates in the Democratic Party. The plan, which has already been approved by the Senate, should now only be signed by the president, who has spoken of “a monumental step forward as a nation.”

The positive vote came after a difficult day of negotiations within the Democrats. The agreement between the moderate and progressive factions, and the other major White House package – the $ 1.850 billion health care, education, climate, immigration and tax return – will be voted on by November 15. The Budget Office confirms White House spending estimates.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said it would be a gift to thank Americans.

With the $ 1.9 trillion package approved in the spring to fight the epidemic, it is the most important step Congress has taken since Biden became president. Fresh air for the president after the disappointment of the last election, Especially for the defeat of the Democratic candidate in Virginia.

Among other things, the package is expected to cost $ 550 billion to modernize the transportation network, create broadband and reform the public service network. Biden canceled the Delaware trip precisely to follow the final stage of the negotiations.

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