Beijing Express Damiano sends a video message to Giorgia Soleri

Beijing Express Damiano sends a video message to Giorgia Soleri

The fourth stage of Beijing Express. Pairs of travelers in the race led by Costantino della Gerardesca And Enzo MikioAnd And Equipped with only a backpack with minimal equipment and 1 euro per day per person in local currency, they traveled 504 km across the Indian states. Karnataka Born in Keralafrom affordable at the end of the stage Kumarakamwhere an unexpected run-off occurred.

the Italian The Americans Joe Bastianich And Andrew BelfioreAs the winners of the episode, they got to choose who would eliminate them from among the remaining contestants lawyers Alessandra Demichelis And Lara Picardy and the activists Georgia Soleri And Federica Fabrizio (federibi), saving the latter and making the first return home one step away from him Malaysian Borneo. Then, at the end of the day, activists They were surprised by a video message from their friends: Damien Davidleader Manskin And ernst.

Costantino della Gherardesca to Beijing Express: “It takes courage to make TV”

by Silvia Fumarola

Tears of “Activists”

Damiano “Ciao Papi” begins addressing Giorgia in the video message, using a nickname they never use in public. “We are all here waiting for you. Just think about having fun and winning.” Short but enough content to get Georgia and her adventurous companion Federica moving.

The model and influencer immediately said she wasn’t ready to play the tablet. And in fact, for a few moments, Soleri brought her hand to her face, happy to see her partner again. “I have always considered myself a very independent person: I rarely miss the people I love, but these days it was amazing here, on Kopino,” Giorgia comments. The message from her boyfriend also reached Federibi and she too could not hold back her tears. A moment is shared with Giorgia who gives her back the same support she had previously received.

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Last stop in India

Yesterday was the last Indian stop, starting next week we will be moving to a new country where, couples waiting, there will be Victoria Cabellowinner of the last edition paired with Paris Vital: His presence will certainly save big surprises and big pitfalls, as in the best traditions of the program.


From the square in front of the Mysore Clock Tower, built by the British in the second half of the 19th century, a very fierce fourth stage shot out, which immediately bore many surprises in store. Last episode’s winning activists decided to do harm mother and son (Martina Colombari And Achilles Costacurta) they Italian Americanswho was thus finally forced to leave.

The first task

traveler towards Nanjangood SoroshiThe contestants faced the first task of eating a very hot bowl Sauces Indian (or, alternatively, mix up a traditional dish); Then, reboot in orientation Batambiacross the Nature preserve to BandipurAmong the impressive specimens of elephants and tigers.

Kathakali Theatre

After desperately searching for lodging among the Indian houses, the next day the couples left for school Kerala Kalamandalam To face a new mission, this time intended for Kathakalian ancient form of theater that combined literature, dramatic art, music, painting and dance: the contestants had to learn three forms of traditional expressions, so that they could reproduce only once to perfection.

Elephant game

Between the lucky hike and the unexpected help from the locals, i just married Federico Pellegrini And Matteo Giunta And mother and son They were the first couple to arrive red book to Thrissurthus the ability to defend immunity on the edge of balance with Elephant game: The task was to transport baskets of fruit along a complex and uneven path, dotted with mud puddles, between two lines of hungry elephants eager to steal the fruit that was on the trays.

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Rewards and penalties

After 20 minutes of running—and falling into the mud—the heaviest basket was a basket mother and sonwho gets a spot on Malaysian Borneo cruise for the next episode and a visit on a luxury boat in orphanedthe network of canals and lakes in the jungles of Kerala, not before Mallos is assigned to it lawyers Alessandra and Lara, they finally leave and companytiger man Anshanthe make-up kit to retouch the animal body paint that covers his body and the flag that, if waved near the opposing couple, assured them that they could get rid of the malleus.

Public Laundry

Once the immunity test was over, the journey again began to trend Kochithe name of the thing Queen of the Arabian Sea As a nerve center for trade between the Indies and the Middle East. From here, after spending a night in the city thanks to the hospitality of the locals, the travelers left for the communal laundry for one last task: to wash the towels, hang them in the sun according to the Indian method, and then iron them. clothing using the same tools used by the Indian population.

Clothes and fish

Then the clothes were brought to the fishermen Chelanam Fishing Port, a suburban port of Kochi, in exchange for which each pair gets 15 fish, to bring to Enzo at the final finish line (obviously without a container to transport them). Thanks to a little ingenuity and the generosity of the Indian people who, despite the strong smell of fish, helped the travelers with makeshift passages, all the couples reached and jumped over red carpet to Kumarakam.

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final ballot

The final classification of the fourth stage of Beijing Express The Americans saw the Italians in first place, followed by them Mediterranean sea Carolina Stramar And Barbara Brezzafrom the newlyweds, and come Sicily Toto Schillaci And Barbara Lombardo. Final ballot between activists they lawyersthe Italian Americans They chose to send the final couple home and the black envelope confirmed the referee since the stage was elimination.

And now Malaysian Borneo

Next week, Thursday, April 6th, it will always be available sky and flocked on now, the six remaining couples in the race will first explore Malaysian Borneo, learn about new customs and communicate with new residents, as well as to find the winner of the title, Victoria Cabello. Backpackers, pairs of Beijing Express They are more determined than ever.


New batch production Sky original Made by Panigay Italyyesterday Sky Uno / +1 and on demand, it scored an average of 426,000 viewers for a 1.7% share, a number that grew by 5% compared to the equivalent episodes of the previous season. On social media it was the most commented content in primetime and the official hashtag #BeijingExpress It was, during the broadcast, at number one in the ranking of Italian trending topics, and then stayed there all night into Friday morning.

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