“Urban her practical passion for science”

“Urban her practical passion for science”

20 years after his death, it’s only right that we remember a character Charles Urbanya physician who enjoys the privilege of applying his passion for scienceThe Undersecretary of the Ministry of Health said so Marcellus GematoOn the sidelines of the opening of the museum Charles UrbanyThe Doctor is killed by SARS which he had identified as a virus, and arranges a protocol to prevent its spread Asiain his hometown, Castelplanio.

Great researcher – he added Gemato – cHe took his first steps Trademarks, from Italian public structures. Thus, today the Italian government is proud of it here, along with the president of the region Trademarks Francis Aquarollito underscore a clear and common theme: being a researcher today means sticking to the general context.

Memory of Carlo Urbani, the great man of science

This is done with passion and with knowledge as a goal and perspective. Carlo – Reaffirmed – He was a great man of science, but also a great person, with a very high humanity. A heritage collected in a museum, financed by the municipality and the region, to be left to future generations, to young people, an example of how it is in the world and how it is done research“.

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