Mercedes arrives, the new GLC: streamlining and elegance

Mercedes arrives, the new GLC: streamlining and elegance
Here’s the new GLC Coupe, and plenty of new features for the new SUV from the German company. (web)

Finally, Mercedes gives us the first images and exciting details of the new GLC. For enthusiasts who have been waiting for information on the German company’s SUV coupe for a long time, the time has finally come to set their eyes on this beautiful model and perhaps consider a future purchase…

When we think of Mercedes, there are many images that come to mind, above all, more so for those who have driven a model of the German company at least once in their lives, for the unrepeatable sensations that only these models can give us.

Over time, the Teutonic brand has also managed to earn a respectable position among European auto manufacturers. Certainly we are not talking about economical models that everyone can afford and in fact the target of the German company is still customers with fairly high financial resources.

With this new coupe, the aim was to propose a model that always follows the shapes of SUVs but recreates them with a very sporty and captivating design. We just have to immerse ourselves in the world of the new GLC Coupe…

The new GLC Coupe, it’s really beautiful

As we said from the German house parts, they wanted to create a hybrid car from certain points of view. We are not talking about engines, but about shapes and exterior design. Indeed, while remaining aggressive, which is a classic feature of Mercedes models, they also offer an SUV look with all the comforts that these types of vehicles offer.

So actually there was a nice redesign from a design standpoint, but not only. In fact, the news does not stop there. Mercedes has already told us that the launch price of this new model will be well above 60,000 without specifying the exact number.

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Here in all its beauty, with a starting price of about 60 thousand euros (web)

In the interior, however, we can find a new infotainment interface with the introduction of two touch screens to fully control the vehicle through the operating system developed directly by the German company.

However, as for the engines, the car will come with classic internal combustion engines combined with mild hybrid technologies, or electric hybrid engines. The car arrives in the early months of 2024 and we’ll just have to wait for a test drive to really see what the GLC Coupe is made of.

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