Men and women, Sophie returns to her former Mathieu: the massacres are revealed

Men and women, Sophie returns to her former Mathieu: the massacres are revealed

some indiscretion on laundry Between Sophie and Mathieu Codegoni revealed herself, on the sidelines of an interview.

Both competitors in Big Brother VIP, Sophie Codegoni and Matteo Ranieri They have been in tender relationships during the men and women program. The story between the two has been archived permanently, and the woman Currently in pairs With Alessandro Bacciano. But a recent interview with FanPage allowed Sophie to leak some details on her ex-boyfriend. The occasion was useful to re-tape and bring to mind the fact that it was Sophie, at the time Tronista, who chose Mathieu. So what might sound like an authentic love story was actually an illusion. It was Kodegouni, during the interview, who admitted it too late It was just a mistake. He went on to say that he had no hard feelings towards him, and indeed hoped that he might have found the right person, as Neither of them were in love from each other.

The occasion was also opportune to allow Codegoni to announce a file Ending professional relations with Fabrizio Coronahis former agent, who eventually criticized Alessandro Bacciano, the woman’s current boyfriend.

Today Sophie Codegoni She is the fiancée of Alessandro Bacciano. 30-year-old businessman from Genoa. The young man is also a father A child named Niccolo, Which he is very proud of, especially since he tries to get as close to him as possible. The former Alessandro Bacciano is Clementina Derio, who did with him Couple for 5 years. It seems that the relationship with Sophie is very strong, not at home the two of them think about the wedding, not neglecting work. In this regard, addressing his better half, Basciano was able to explain:

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“The ring will certainly arrive, but everything I promised you inside the house has been kept…”

Finally, Sophie admitted that she strongly believes in family And wait for the ring on your finger. To believe deeply in Alessandro and have a plan to go to live together.

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