L’Onadaservis GeriArt opened in L’Onada la Ràpita

L’Onadaservis GeriArt opened in L’Onada la Ràpita

Next Friday, June 21, L’Onadaservis will inaugurate GeriArt at its residence in La Ràpita, in the presence of the General Director of L’Onada, Cinta Pascual, as well as the Acting Minister of Social Rights, Carles Campuzano, among other invited authorities. This is the first of the four exhibitions that can be viewed at the same time in the various senior centers run by Lunada.

Each exhibition consists of 60 paintings by 60 different authors, representing different pictorial styles and techniques, all of which are a journey through contemporary artistic trends. The works, selected with the utmost care for each of these exhibitions, are collected in a catalog containing detailed information about the author and the work on display.

GeriArt also has different paintings by local painters and also for users of the center who work as guest artists in the project “Great Artists, Great Artists”. His works are collected in a special catalogue, edited only for the exhibitions to be held in each specific center.

Exhibitions, their place of display and their purpose

The different GeriArt galleries, their names and locations are as follows:

  1. “Memories in color.” Ancient artistic heritage. Lunada la Rapita. June 21, 2024
  1. “Colors of the Record.” A journey through the art of the era.” Residence Mossèn Vidal i Aunós (owned by the Catalan government). Barcelona La Bordita June 28, 2024 (pending confirmation).
  1. “Past Reactions: A Look at the Twentieth Century.” Wave redoms. July 4, 2024 (pending confirmation).
  1. “Nostalgia in brushstrokes.” The splendor of the artistic past.” Residence Lunada Villa Clavellina. Premia di Mar July 12, 2024 (pending confirmation).
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The curator of these exhibitions is Silvia Zaragoza.

The aim of GeriArt is to bring art closer to the people who use the residences in order to enhance the positive effects that art generates on people in terms of concentration, observation, mood change, socialization and open path to culture. In addition, during the months that the gallery will be open, various occupational therapy activities related to art will be carried out.

Everyone is celebrating the 30th anniversary of L’Onadaservis

The opening of the exhibition GeriArt, Art and the Elderly at the residence of L’Onada la Ràpita, together with the projects of 60 works / 60 artists, great artists and old artists, is part of the activities celebrating the 30th anniversary of L’Onada Serviceis, which began on April 1, 2024, and will end on 1 April 2025, when the organization celebrates its 30th anniversary.

Throughout this year, a series of special events and activities will be implemented to commemorate this very important anniversary.

Opening of the Memories in Colors exhibition. The Vintage Artistic Legacy will be held on June 21, at 6:30 p.m., at the L’Onada la Ràpita residence, located at Avinguda Països Catalans, 30.

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