Antonella Clerici: Sudden death devastates fans. That’s what happened!

Antonella Clerici: Sudden death devastates fans.  That’s what happened!

And mourning on the programme It’s always noonwhich he conducted Antonella Clerici. The cooking program, which is broadcast every day on Rai1, is crying Sudden and very painful death. Like every day, the program was broadcast, but before introducing the various guests and their recipes, Antonella Clerici wanted to They gather around the family To someone very dear to the show.

The program is particularly loved for the family atmosphere that prevails in the studio and for the lively and friendly personality of the host Antonella Clerici, It’s always noon It’s classic moving in that the public loves And who looks with pleasure, and feels “at home”.

for this reason Advertisement by Antonella Clerici His words of consolation made everyone cry. That’s what happened!

Antonella Clerici on “It’s Always Noon”

Antonella Clerici’s message and affection

At the beginning of the March 9 episode, Antonella Clerici presented herself to the audience with a melancholy atmosphere And she immediately emphasized how much everyone who works in the program is one for her a big familyThey are united by affection and joint work. After this deep premise, the presenter then revealed who he was Passed away suddenly The father of a very important person in the show.

“There is also another part, the famous behind the scenes, behind the cameras,” said the presenter. After we lived together for three years, We always love each other very much. He revealed, “Yesterday someone lost their father and we wanted to send him all our affection and give you a big hug. Luke we love you“Concludes.

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then Long applausespecifically addressed to Luca, possibly one of the program’s authors or illustrators. The audience in the studio and at home was impressed Beautiful words from the presenter and many messages of condolence reached the family affected by mourning.

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