The former lady gets in the way

The former lady gets in the way

Today, some episodes of the series “Men and Women” were recorded. There are some heroes of recent months at the center of the dating show study. Claudia and Alessio have quarreled and there may be an unwelcome surprise for the lady. Christian went out with two suitors.

The meetings are scheduled to be held between today and Tuesday Recordings From the upcoming episodes men and women The always knowledgeable Lorenzo Bugnaloni revealed a few minutes ago what happened today at Elios Studios. Alessio and Claudia end up in the spotlight, continuing their acquaintance, but they have a nasty argument and soon the Bolognese lady may have to confront someone from her past. Christian went out with two of his suitors, while Brando was not present on the broadcast.

Men and Women, Previews: What Happened in the Classic Throne and Above the Throne

starting from Classic throneChristian went out with both Virginia and Valeria, and in both cases there was a kiss between Tronista and the girls. Valentina was also present in the studio. Brando, as previously mentioned, was not in the studio and there was no mention of him at all. Did she decide to bid farewell to her role, as Manuela Carrero did?

Ms. Claudia for men and women –

The relationship between Claudia and AlessioDespite the strong and obvious attraction between them, it continues to go up and down and even today they collide in the middle of the studio for various reasons. Moreover, it turns out that the lady’s ex-boyfriend has contacted the editorial team, and could soon take part in the program himself: certainly not something that will make the knight happy.

Gemma and Bruno

Gemma Galgani and rider Bruno –

Gemma Galgani, who in recent weeks has begun to meet the knight Bruno, seems to have already lost him: today the man from the male club was not present, and it seems that he has decided to abandon the broadcast. Definitely an unlucky period for the Turin girl.

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Other previews of today’s registration for men and women

There are also other important events that happened during today’s recording: The kindergarten ladies were the heroes of the film The second show of this seasoneven if Bugnaloni’s moles are unable to provide more details on the subject or on how the men’s and women’s champions dress.

Moreover, it is the same for Roberta A new knight has arrivedBut the Romanian lady decided to bring him home and not recognize him. After all, those who have followed the dating show for some time know how De Padua can be very demanding and not willing to settle down. These recorded episodes will likely air in approximately 10 days, which is the typical delay between recording and broadcast.

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