June 8, 2023

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Asia Argento On Celebrity Island, the actress landed by surprise to defend her sister Fury “from the bullying of the outcasts.”

Asia Argento will also be among the protagonists of the next episodeFamous Island. The actress will land in Honduras to surprise her sister, Fury, who is a competitor on the current version of the reality show hosted by Ilary Blasey. The episode will exceptionally air on the 2nd of June instead of the usual Monday of the week. Argento will be the first relative of the clone to appear on the island to meet her sister. Asia Argento lands in Honduras to surprise her sister Fury and all the other castaways. Due Tuesday May 2nd on Canale 5, it’ll be a crackling episode! reads the caption to the post posted on the show’s official Instagram account. It is not yet known how long the filmmaker will stay in Honduras: it is possible that she will remain among the shipwrecked long enough to surprise Fury Argento or that she will instead camp for a longer period. According to sources within the show, it was the actress who expressed her desire to encourage her sister in her first experience in the show reality. “Asia, you’re doing well. Lots of bullying against Fiore,” commented model and former outcast Demetra Hampton under the next episode’s ad. “He needs some support. I also suffered from bullying on the island. You’ll see that fragile people need time.”

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