“Between me and Corona, there was an intimate relationship, the relationship was mutual.”

“Between me and Corona, there was an intimate relationship, the relationship was mutual.”

Long blond curly hair. like Giacomo Urtis arrives at the Belve, Francesca Fagnani’s show, showing off the new look and yet another transformation. Speaking without filters as always, the VIP surgeon spoke about his relationship with Fabrizio Corona and Silvio Berlusconi.

Rocco Casalino at the Belve: “My dad used to play games to see if I was gay. I wanted to be straight and have sex with hundreds of women.”

Giacomo Urtis to Belve: “There was an intimacy between Fabrizio Corona and me. Berlusconi? he’s a nice guy”

Giacomo Ortiz on Fabrizio Corona

Giacomo Ortis, a VIP surgeon, tells the Beasts about his physical changes, his love for Corona and his relationship with Berlusconi. Speaking of Fabrizio Corona’s flirtation, which began after a meeting at the airport, Fagnani asks him if he was in love with Corona, and Urtis reveals: “I was definitely in love, yes.”

When asked if the love is mutual, Urtis replies: “I would say yes” and Fagnani insists: “But is it friendship or love?” “Hybrid,” Urtis confirms, shrugging. Then Vaniani: “But did you feel competitive with Nina Morek or with Belen?” Ortiz replied, “What was between me and Fabrizio was a separate thing.” Fagnani asks: “But was there no real physical love affair, or yeah?”. Urtis concludes the discussion: “There may sometimes be some intimacy, but in short… our own stuff.” And about his current relationship with Corona, he admits: “We still talk every day.”

About Silvio Berlusconi

About Silvio Berlusconi: “I sympathize with Berlusconi and am a close friend of Fascina. When Fagnani sought a professional judgment on the passenger’s aesthetic image and tried to ask if he was her doctor, he was embarrassed at first, saying, “I don’t know these things. Berlusconi was and remains a handsome man. Its beauty cannot be reduced to an aesthetic character, it is beautiful in 360 degrees.

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And about the call not to marry a homosexual: «I was not invited. They will have invited close relatives. the present? No… because I am stingy.

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