“Science of smells and taste” on April 29 at the Bologna Academy of Sciences

“Science of smells and taste” on April 29 at the Bologna Academy of Sciences

Bologna – April 29, 2023 at 10.00

“Science of smells and tastes”

Bologna Academy of Sciences
Via Zamboni 31

He presents:

Louis PolishPresident of the Academy of Sciences of the Bologna Institute


Silvano FusoChemist and celebrity

Claudia DeleraPresident of the Aromas and Fragrances Group at Aispec-Federchimica

Andrea Stracchiarineurologist

Agostino Jacobuchistar chef Villa Zari Restaurant Iacobucci

Aldo KindergartenProfessor Emeritus of Chemistry at the Alma Mater Studiorum

Why can a smell or taste evoke pleasant feelings, even memories, while others cause disgust and repulsion? What is beyond these two senses, seemingly less important than sight and hearing but operating so deeply in each of us?

The meeting intends to answer these and other questions “Science of aromas and flavours”, which will be held on Saturday, April 29 at 10:00 at the Academy of Sciences.

With the help of experts in various sectors, from chemistry to neuroscience to gastronomy in the company of a distinguished chef, the meeting is proposed as a journey into the extraordinary world of aromas and flavors that we can perceive thanks to the “alchemists of the senses”. Taste and smell are in fact the only senses that function through the chemical interaction between nerve endings, the tongue and nose, and the external molecules with which they come into contact. In the history of evolution, the signals these reactions send to the brain have allowed us to move away from harmful substances and move closer to essential nutrients for our body. Today, the chemistry of flavors and aromas of haute cuisine is in the hands of great chefs and in the field of perfumery, an opportunity to make fragrances sustainable which would otherwise require the consumption of vast amounts of natural resources to meet the demands of the market. As Silvano Fuso wrote in his book chemical sensesChemistry, which is ubiquitous in nature, plays an essential role in many aspects of our lives and knowing us a little more can make us more fully appreciate the infinite complexity of the world we live in.. “

Admission is free upon reservation and subject to availability.
For reservations, write to: [email protected]

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Live broadcast of the event is available at the following link:
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