Tina Cipolari, a radical makeover: ultra-thin and black hair

Tina Cipolari, a radical makeover: ultra-thin and black hair

Tina Cibulari is one of the commentators on the show men and women by Maria de Filippi. He comments with his colleague Gianni Sperti on the dynamics created within the study among the participants, as no one escapes the magnifying glass.

One of its characteristics is definitely thick blond hair. Many claim that she completely enhances her facial features, but few know that she opted for a completely different look. hardly recognizable.

Tina Cipolari – Solospettacolo.it

The new version of the afternoon program conducted by Maria de Filippi. Next to her will be Tina and Gianni, who have already started from the first episode and will give many twists. Among the new tronists out there Federica Arversanothis is not a choice Matthew Ranieri. Many will remember that there was a quarrel between the two women at the end of the journey to the throne. They said they hate each other, Which is why we’ll definitely see them discussing.

It is also sure that they will collide again Gemma Galgani. It’s hard to forget the water balloon the columnist made for her during kindergarten. Tina is loved by the audience of Channel 5 because she does not cut across words and always manages to predict what might happen during the participants’ introduction stage. As time has changed, But she always has her own charm that sets her apart from others. In fact, they are publicly displayed with a completely different appearance.

literally shifted shift

An image is circulating on the web, but in fact it dates back to two years ago. Many also note that it is less than a few pounds, but fans claim that it has not lost its beauty. She has such a perfect face that any hairstyle would enhance it. In the shot in question, she has dark straight hair with bangs.

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Fans hardly believed it, but in general the opinion that the victories are unanimous: it is his right to dare the hairdresser Because no matter what looks, the result is always exciting.

“Please call the doctor”

According to the previews, it appears that Gemma has a new suitor. The lady of Turin will be excited about new acquaintances, But Tina will put a blaster in the wheel again.

Black-haired Tina Cipolari
Black-haired Tina Cipolari – Solospettacolo.it

Once again he will embarrass Gemma by asking Maria de Filippi Call a doctor immediately to check your heart rate. Although there was some laughter in the studio, the person in question would definitely reciprocate.

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