Ascoli-Südtirol 1-2: Final score and highlights

Ascoli-Südtirol 1-2: Final score and highlights
  • That's all for the Ascoli-Südtirol live stream, I hope you have a good continuation of the evening. 18:22

  • In the standings, the Bianconeri's balance freezes at 22 points and is in the playoff zone, while the red and white jump to 27 points. In the next round, Südtirol-Venice and Catanzaro-Ascoli. 18:22

  • Sudtirol returns to success by conquering Del Duca thanks to Tait and Masiello. Ascoli was defeated despite a momentary equalizer thanks to Tait's own goal. 18:20

  • 90'+7'

    I finish! Ascoli – South Tyrol 1-2! Tait goals, own goals by Tait and Masiello. 18:19

  • 90'+7'

    The last turn of the clock before the final whistle. 18:18

  • 90'+5'

    Rawti Warning: Foul on Dovizi. 18:16

  • 90'+4'

    Ascoli forced the final equalizer from Südtirol in defending the goal. 18:15

  • 90'+2'

    A sign from Rodriguez who does everything well even the cross, which was a bit deep. 18:13

  • 90'+1'

    The first 7 minutes of stoppage time were played. 18:12

  • 90'

    The match director tries to end the match after medical intervention. 18:11

  • 89'

    The match was stopped: a calf problem for referee Marco! 18:10

  • 88'

    Corner for Ascoli. 18:08

  • 87'

    Throw-in in the home team's attacking zone. 18:08

  • 85'

    Five minutes to 90'. 18:06

  • 83'

    Fifth change in South Tyrol: Cagnano in and Masiello out. 18:03

  • 81'

    Tait Warning: Tactical error. 18:02

  • 80'

    A cross crosses Polozzi's goal line. 18:02

  • 78'

    Statistical pill: Season goal No. 2 for the Red and White defender. 18:01

  • 78'

    Goal! Ascoli-Sudtirol 1-2! Masilo Network. The visitors take the lead again: Masiello recovers the ball from Rodriguez, exchanges with Casiraghi, enters the area and beats Viviano.

    Take a look at Andrea Masiello's player profile18:00

  • 77'

    Fifth change in Ascoli: Quaranta enters and Celia exits. 17:57

  • 77'

    The fourth change in Ascoli: the descent of Vaisanin and the departure of Mantovani. 17:57

  • 75'

    Arrigoni's right foot is blocked by Valzagna. 17:56

  • 73'

    Cross from Servo, Valzagna takes no risks and puts the ball in the corner. 17:53

  • 72'

    Calligara tries to shoot himself, and the ball goes up as Polozzi comes out. 17:53

  • 70'

    The third change in Ascoli: the entry of Calligara and the exit of De Takeo. 17:51

  • 70'

    Fourth alternative in South Tyrol: Koffler in, Giorgini out. 17:51

  • 69'

    Third change in South Tyrol: Cervo in, Kawakibi out. 17:50

  • 69'
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    Rauti hits the crossbar, but everything stops due to an offside situation. 17:50

  • 67'

    He overpowers Di Tacchio who hits Masiello full body. 17:49

  • 66'

    Arm touch by Masiello, free kick for Ascoli from a good position. 17:47

  • 64'

    Duffy stomps Rodriguez. 17:46

  • 63'

    Streng gets past Scaglia but then finds Masiello to block his way into the net. 17:44

  • 61'

    High shot from Dovizi's left foot from outside the area 17:42

  • 60'

    Listen dangerous! A cross from Rodriguez, a header from Strange, and a wonderful deflection from Polozzi for a corner kick. 17:41

  • 58'

    Second change in South Tyrol: Raute enters and Mirkaj exits. 17:40

  • 58'

    First change in South Tyrol: Pecorino enters, Odogo exits. 17:39

  • 57'

    Odogwu stopped too! Muscle problems for the red and white striker. 17:39

  • 56'

    Goal! Ascoli-Südtirol 1-1! Own goal by Tait. The hosts equalize: Arrigoni loses the ball badly, Dovizi shoots, Poluzzi rejects Tait who scores it into his own net.

    Check out Fabian Tait's player profile17:37

  • 55'

    Rodriguez runs down the right lane, and there's a throw-in. 17:38

  • 53'

    An aerial pass from Rodriguez is headed in by Falzerano, whose header is blocked by the visiting goalkeeper. 17:34

  • 51'

    Mirkaj supports Arrigoni, who kicks weakly with his left foot blocked. 17:33

  • 49'

    Head of Strange! Cross from Falzerano, aerial turn ends wide. 17:30

  • 48'

    Celia is deep for Strange, who stretches out and hits a tip, saving Polozzi. 17:29

  • 46'

    Second change in Ascoli: Dovizi enters, Giovanni exits. 17:26

  • 46'

    The second half of Ascoli-Südtirol begins! We start again with a score of 0-1. 17:26

  • The teams in the locker rooms: Kasturi and Valente are considering moves in light of the resumption of play. 17:14

  • In the second half, the South Tyrol team took the lead thanks to Tait's goal, which was an assist from Duffy, in full stoppage time at the end of the first half of the match, which was scarce in scoring opportunities. Mendes injury. 17:13

  • 45'+7'

    The end of the first half! Ascoli-Südet Tyrol 0-1! Tate's goal in the 50th minute. 17:12

  • 45'+6'

    Protests from the home side over an alleged handball from Scalia in the penalty area shortly before Tait's goal: VAR does not intervene, confirming Di Marco's decision on the pitch. 17:11

  • 45'+5'

    Statistical pill: Second season goal of the tournament for the Red and White No. 21. 17:09

  • 45'+5'

    Goal! Ascoli-Südtirol 0-1! tet network. Guests at the front: Casiraghi to introduce Duffy, who serves Tait for the winning touch.

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    Check out Fabian Tait's player profile17:08

  • 45'+3'

    Cross into the area towards Odogwu, where Botteghin stands out best. 17:05

  • 45'+2'

    Poluzzi with a clearance towards the opponent's half of the field. 17:04

  • 45'

    Five minutes extra time. 17:02

  • 43'

    Casiraghi begins and concludes Sudtirol's appeal, a conclusion rejected by the Juventus wall. 17:00

  • 41'

    A powerful right-footed shot from Valzania hits the barrier. 16:58

  • 40'

    Free kick for Ascoli on the edge of the penalty area, a good opportunity to shoot on goal. 16:57

  • 39'

    Meanwhile, Mendes arrives in the locker room with a noticeable bandage on his knee. 16:57

  • 38'

    Valzerano warning: Foul on Casiraghi. 16:55

  • 37'

    Very horizontal game, little verticality. 16:54

  • 35'

    Another mistake, this time it was Tait who stopped Falzerano erratically. 16:52

  • 34'

    Arrigoni Warning: Entry into Giovanni. 16:50

  • 32'

    Al-Kawakibi stops Celia's appeal with a slide. 16:49

  • 31'

    Giorgini's cross in the middle of the area is cleared by Valzagna and cleared from a side error. 16:48

  • 29'

    Exciting ball from Casiraghi to cut off Mirkaj, expected from Mantovani. 16:46

  • 26'

    First change in Ascoli: Rodriguez off and Mendes off. 16:44

  • 26'

    Mendes stop! The Juventus striker did not recover from the blow he suffered in the first minute and was forced to leave the field. 16:43

  • 25'

    Very fragmented match, many referee whistles. 16:42

  • 23'

    End of the first half and the score is still 0-0. 16:40

  • 22'

    Al-Kawakibi Warning: Late entry to Giovanni. 16:39

  • 20'

    A mistake by Falzerano during an attack on Davey. 16:37

  • 18'

    Casiraghi's pass towards Mirkaj, a very profound suggestion. 16:35

  • 17'

    An intense match at the Estadio del Duca, amidst intense interest from both teams from a tactical standpoint. 16:34

  • 15'

    Casiraghi takes the free kick, and the ball goes to the far post, where Giorgini tries to hit it, but it is rebounded by the opponent. 16:33

  • 14'

    Arrigoni suffers a foul from Di Tacchio: Medical personnel are on the pitch to treat the red-and-white midfielder. 16:31

  • 12'

    Corner for the home side, in the development of Strange's header, the visiting goalkeeper avoids trouble by seizing the ball. 16:29

  • 10'

    Free kick for Ascoli, taken towards the penalty area, Paolozzi comes out and receives the ball. 16:27

  • 9'
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    Di Tacchio's conclusion is muffled, and then Strange strikes Giorgini erratically. 16:26

  • 8'

    Attacking foul by Odogwu against Bellusci. 16:25

  • 6'

    Sudtirol's high center of gravity, develops initiative in the right lane. 16:23

  • 4'

    Mendes comes back and immediately tries to move his sore ankle. 16:21

  • 3'

    The match resumes with the Juventus striker remaining off the field. 16:21

  • 1'

    Play was stopped immediately: Mendes is on the ground complaining of an ankle problem, and medical personnel are on the field. 16:19

  • 1'

    The beginning of Ascoli-Südt-Tirol! The first ball played by Casiraghi. 16:17

  • The teams are on the pitch under orders from Di Marco: the hosts wear black and white shirts, the guests wear red shirts and white shorts. 16:16

  • The warm-up phase is over. The race starts in a few minutes. 16:01

  • In the first leg, which was held at the Droso Stadium on September 2, Bolzano won 3 to 1. 19:41

  • Kastori returns Masini to the bench but Giovanni plays. Strange is new in attack alongside Mendes, on the outside lanes of Falzerano and Celia. Valiente changes his formation and switches to 3-5-2: Casiraghi, who served his suspension as a midfielder, makes room for the Odogwu-Merkaj duo in attack. 16:01

  • South Tyrol training (3-5-2): Paolozzi – Giorgini, Scalia, Masiello – Al-Kawakibi, Tate, Arrigoni, Casiraghi, Davi – Odugu, Mirkaj. Available: Drago, Cagnano, Malamo, Pecorino, Servo, Drago, Bruh, Rauti, Cisco, Cortec, Kofler, Peters, Lunardi. 16:13

  • Possible Ascoli lineup (3-5-2): Viviano – Pelosi, Bottegin, Mantovani – Valzerano, Valzagna, Di Taccio, Giovanni, Celia – Mendes, Strange. Available: Boletta, Gagliolo, Zidadka, Calligara, Quaranta, Dovizi, Faisanin, Milanese, Vasquez, Masini, Maiga, Delgado. 15:54

  • On the final day, the Bianconeri returned to success by occupying the Stadio Como while the Bianconeri lost at home to Cosenza. 19:25

  • The meeting is moderated by Mr. Davide De Marco from the Ciampino Department, replacing Daniele Bernzoni, and assisted by Bersigli and Belsanti. Fourth officer Gianluca Catanzaro. In var Francesco Meraviglia from Pistoia, var Rosario Abeso from Palermo.19:23

  • The “Del Duca” game presents heavy points in the safety zone: the Marches with 22 points, and South Tyrol with 24 points. 19:21

  • Welcome to the live broadcast of the Ascoli-Südtirol match, in the 23rd round of the Second Division Championship. 19:18

  • Where the match will be held:

    Stadium: Chino and Lillo del Duca
    City: Ascoli Piceno
    Capacity: 20,550 spectators19:18

    Cino and Lillo del DucaFonti: Getty Images
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