TS – Inter, Zhang's strategy has not changed: other big names will be sacrificed

TS – Inter, Zhang's strategy has not changed: other big names will be sacrificed

Purchases are only possible in the face of previous transfers: the imminent arrival of Bhushanam does not evade this rule

The now imminent arrival of Tajjon Bucanam does not escape the rule that has been in place at Inter for several years: every purchase must come from a previous transfer. If the Canadian winger is on the verge of a permanent move to Milan, it is thanks to last summer's income, with the resulting budget surplus.

The Zhang family's strategy, he remembers TuttosportIt has not changed and will not change in the near future: “Going forward with the “law” of zero or plus and who knows how long it will continue to be like this. The Inter market, despite the permanent purchase of Tajon Buchanan, does not change. Aside from the controversial debate at the end of 2023 between Inter and Juventus over who is the favorite to win the Scudetto based on the expenses of recent years, there are guidelines and budgets to explain how the Nerazzurri coaches will deal from the summer of 2020, after Hakimi’s coup (43 million at the end of June), they were forced to Living with Nanjing Dicts: No more crazy spending, balance between purchases and sales must be equal to or greater than zero“.

sTo make ends meet, the Nerazzurri management cannot avoid capitulation, and last summer they were able to do so with greater temporary calm because the team's trip to the Champions League final allowed them to set aside significant revenues from UEFA that postponed the need to recognize capital gains. By June 30 (Onana and Brozovic were officially sold after July 1 and will be part of FY23-24).

For example, if this year's European progress is halted in the round of 16 by Atletico Madrid, it cannot be ruled out that president Stephen Zhang will ask his managers to sell a top player by the end of June. However, this possibility should not be ignored even with a European path still important because Inter's balance sheet, which closed with a deficit of 85 million on June 30, 2023, will still need to be reduced whether for a trivial economic issue or for financial fair play.“.

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