Primocanale – Coda Takes Genoa, But Here’s What Happens and What’s Wrong

Primocanale – Coda Takes Genoa, But Here’s What Happens and What’s Wrong
Penalty kick taken by Coda under the north (Photo by CFC Tanupres Genoa)

Don’t be fooled by the 3-2 Genoa Benevento match. The result that unleashes the Russobeles in the Coppa Italia where they will find Spal is an insult to what Badelge and his teammates did especially in the first half: a post from Coda, a crossbar from Portanova, in the middle he saved some balls from the former Balleri and then finally a double. Gudmundsson said about Coda’s pass and finally before Benevento’s goal With other decisive interventions from Glick to Baleri on Portanova.

The second half was a photograph of the first part, with Coda’s goal from a penalty kick, and finally the goal that Martinez received from the conclusion of Forte. And so after hearing Blissin’s words, 75 percent of them are happy and angry about the rest, especially because of the way the team defends.

What goes: Meanwhile, the fans who flocked to more than ten thousand while the season tickets go about 17,000. The environment is of great help. Then the game sometimes works with claps like frantic pressure to which everyone responded well. Coda is a bomber but not only. He knows how to lift the team, he knows how to put it back in time, and the Chocolate at Gudmundson is an example of that. Si Gudmundsson is the ideal and so is Portanova who is now essential.

what is wrong: How do you not agree with Blissin. A corner kick was enough to send Rossoblo to tilt for Benevento’s goal with Glick. Zone defenses were bypassed and blocks put goalkeeper Martinez in trouble, who never came out. He’ll be the owner and it looks like Simper is destined to leave, understandably because he wants to play. It’s an issue that needs to be managed and in any case it will take an important goalkeeper who knows how to do his part to help Martinez and it’s a brave choice.

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But even in the pro set-kicks, there is a lot of work to be done because aside from the bar Portanova in over a dozen hazards, no hazards have been created. In this sense, he expects more from Ikuban and Wiboa. With Coda going to war with all of them, they have to do more and be in the right place at the right time.

The rest the market will have to do. Two weeks for evaluation. After the victory you can work and think calmly. The way seems to be the right way. Also in Venice on Sunday it will be necessary to be serious.

Giovanni Purcella – Primocanal

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