Milan in the Champions League, how much did the Rossoneri win after the groups

Economic data for AC Milan’s participation in the 2021-22 UEFA Champions League. The Rossoneri stopped in the first stage.

to share Milan In the UEFA Champions League 2021-2022 It was officially sold out yesterday. Defeat at home to Liverpool and automatic elimination.

Diaz and Ibrahimovic (© LaPresse)

The biggest insult is that the Rossoneri were knocked out not only from the Champions League, but from European competitions in general. Error fourth place In Group B, he scored only 4 points in the six matches he played.

Pass in the Mouth for Stefano Pioli & Sons. But the Rossoneri club still came out with Excellent economic income, resulting from participation in the group stage.

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AC Milan’s revenue between rewards, participation and market pool

Despite the disappointment of a premature exit from the competition, for which Milan After 7 years of abstinence, the club keeps an eye on itself with revenue coming from UEFA.

In total, Milan earns 45.17 million euros. Account made by my editors football and finance, In sums derived from various awards, prizes and prizes established by the Central European Football Association.

reward for to share For the group stage 2021-2022 in 15.64 million from the euro. This must be added to these bonuses for Results Obtained (win + draw) before 3.73 million. Not forgetting the reward”Historical arrangementMilan: Due to the great European tradition, the Rossoneri have pocketed their pockets 17.1 million from the euro.

Finally, the market poolThese are the prizes allocated by UEFA to each federation and are divided according to the positions of the Italian teams. For second place in the standings last year, AC Milan already occupied 6 million euros, which (for now) should add others 2.7 million After leaving the groups. However, this number is variable based on the progress of Inter, Juventus and Atalanta.

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