“As long as there is PlayStation, Call of Duty will come to PlayStation” – Nerd4.life

“As long as there is PlayStation, Call of Duty will come to PlayStation” – Nerd4.life

Phil Spencer Take part in a new interview with the well-known YouTube channel Same Brain. The head of Xbox once again spoke about the acquisition of Activision Blizzard and, more precisely, about Call of Duty and its possible exclusivity. In short, he claimed that for as long as the PlayStation exists, Call of Duty will remain on PlayStation.

Phil Spencer said, more precisely: “We will not remove Call of Duty from PlayStation. […] It is not our intention, as long as there is a PlayStation available to release the game, our goal is to continue to release Call of Duty on PlayStation.”

Then he continues: “It is Same thing we did with Minecraft As long as we have it. We have expanded the platforms on which we can play Minecraft. We haven’t reduced access to the game and that has been a good thing for the Minecraft community as I see it, and I want to do the same with Call of Duty. ”

Then he explains that the acquisition will bring Xbox gamers benefits, like the fact that “Great games are coming to Game Pass. It’s not about keeping these communities away from other platforms.” For Phil Spencer, as has long been said, the Xbox is a way to play video games across multiple screens, not just the console with the TV.

Spencer goes to say that Activision Blizzard on Xbox can help To give access to multiple products on multiple screens. The company, in Spencer’s view, can teach Xbox a lot. In fact, Microsoft also says the acquisition could help build the Xbox Mobile Store, thanks to Activision Blizzard’s experience with mobile games.

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Finally, Spencer says it Realizes that PlayStation players care About the idea of ​​losing access to Call of Duty, but the head of Xbox reiterates that the shooter series will not go away.

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