FIFA: Will a new soccer game with the official name be developed by 2K Sports?

FIFA: Will a new soccer game with the official name be developed by 2K Sports?

Based on what appears to be somewhat vague evidence, we can infer from a known leaker that there are chances that there will be a new leak. football game Officially licensed FIFA Could return to the market, this time developed by Sports 2Kunder the title Take Two.

This was actually the most widespread theory about the possibility of FIFA returning to the video game market: after the brand split from Electronic Artswhich launched EA Sports FC 24 by removing references to the federation for the first time, the idea was that another company would use this license and relaunch the brand, and Take Two has always been among the most approved companies to do so.

Within the large publisher that also includes Rockstar Games, we find the 2K Sports division and staff Visual conceptswho have been dealing with sports simulations for some time and who could be among the prime candidates to implement a new series of football simulations.

Ambiguous message

Meanwhile, EA Sports FC 24 works well even without the FIFA branding

The issue stems from a mysterious tweet from Kourakasis, who said in a message: “My favorite FIFA,” adding, “2K, oops, FIFA World Cup 2002.” Although the question is somewhat vague, the reference to K to indicate history is a clear reference to 2K Sports' sports series.

All this made us think of a possible proposal for a new FIFA from 2K Sports, in fact an ideal candidate for a production of this level. What makes this even more so is the fact that the same leaker has posted some spot previews in the past, such as a fairly accurate one regarding Judas, Ken Levine's new game, but obviously we should take it all as a rumor that hasn't been confirmed. Verified.

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